​The one you’ve been waiting for? [enrolment open] - The Paul Mort Podcast

​The one you’ve been waiting for? [enrolment open]

July 22, 2015

Discover How to Dominate Your Local Area and Crush Your Competition with My Famous Daily Emails

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Okay so maybe you’ve haven’t been waiting for
this email


you should be excited right now
(or is that just me?)

See,you can now enrol on EASILY the most
powerful training I’ve EVER put together

I’ll be revealing over the 6 Module course

how to write powerful, persuasive email copy
that almost FORCES your readers to sign up
with you

or at least, do SOMETHING that pushes them
closer to giving you money

I was gonna write a bunch of sales copy about
‘what you get’


‘what it involves’ etc….

but thats all over here on this video:

Click Here –>

if you have any questions, don’t hesitate to
mail me

Uncle Morty

PS- This is a VERY LIMITED training

Truth is, I can only take 50 people TOTAL
into this program

and I’ve ALREADY filled 27 of the 50 seats

before it’s even launched

so yer

you’ll wanna move QUICK on this one dude


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