The never-ending battle with the fat monster - The Paul Mort Podcast

The never-ending battle with the fat monster

December 30, 2015

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I’m deep into the rehab program post knee surgery

and starting to put together a plan for the first 90 days of 2016 and getting in shape for “Warriors fittest man” in Laguna Beach

Plus the “Bro-Down” on March 29th

but man, fitness and training totally fucks with me


See, 3 years of living in Marbella took its
toll on me

Sangria, Churros, Paella catches up with

and I HATED being fat too..

Man I had some of the best trainers around
trying to help me too

Nick Mitchell, Phil Learney, Jason Feruggia
and a few the other bad-asses that have been
on my podcast

Gave me advice, tips


These are guys you can’t even fucking hire,
bro-migo (practicing my spanish)

Some of the very best, at my finger tips

But you know what?

Nothing changed. I continued to fuck around.

Then last September I finally caved in

I stopped the fannying around


I put my money where my big fat pie-hole

I proceeded to drop 3.5 stones in just 4
months and got pretty fucking jacked

(Even have one of those ‘penis veins’ in my

oh and this year, after 6 years of not being able to

I made my football comeback

Which is one of the best things I’ve done. EVER

(even though it fucked my knee)

What changed?

Well it was never really a knowledge issue

(I trained people for 12 years, including
premier league footballers)

The solution was a simple one

one that many people who’ll be reading this
email will discover

ready for this revelation, droogie?


See, all that free advice?

I never really applied it.

Because i didn’t really value it.

How do I know i didn’t value it?

Because I was still fat!

Just like guys that keep telling me they love
my emails

they LOVE my podcasts

yet do jack shit

Therefore dont make more money

Simple right?

We want to make our INVESTMENTS COUNT

We want to make our money BACK (plus more)

So listen if you’re ready to put ‘skin’ in
the gam

JUST like you’d expect people to with you

the link to finally stop fucking around is
right here:

YOU HAVE TILL 10PM to lock down your place
at the current price

Then its goes up by £50 and STAYS THERE

Paul ‘Fore-skin in the game’ Mort

PS- Got a couple more emails planned to send you later

Just short ones

so if you don’t need any advice or anything on how
to ‘make it’ and increase your profits

You may as well unsubscribe mate….

And best of luck to you
hope you enjoy 16 hour days

but if you are a PT that DOES UNDERSTAND the need to INVEST in yourself

go here:

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