The Morning After

November 25, 2017

In yesterday’s email, I gave you my thoughts on ‘Black Friday’…

And why I don’t offer discounts

(And why YOU shouldn’t either)

As a result?

I had quite a few unsubscribes

Back in the day?

This might’ve p*ssed me off

These days?

Not so much

The truth is, amigo, having people unsubscribe is a good thing…

Because it tells me that they WEREN’T a good fit for what I teach in my ‘Marketing Muscle Inner Circle’

Speaking of MMIC, I have some exciting news

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* How to compete with BIG name brands and WIN every time

* The little known art of using STORIES to attract more fans and make more sales

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* What you NEED to ‘become’ if you ever hope to create a tribe of LOYAL followers

* The TRUTH about ‘conversion rates’ and ‘cost per clicks’ and how they could be HARMING your business

* How I’m MORE committed to your success than EVER before

* And much, much more…

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Paul ‘No Regrets’ Mort

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There’s NOT much point in you reading these emails

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