The Internal Terrorist (killed it) - The Paul Mort Podcast

The Internal Terrorist (killed it)

February 20, 2015

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Man, these last few days have been BRUTAL
I’ve been in a giant ‘drift’…
telling people to piss off..getting angry
wanting to burn every thing to the ground…
The cause?
My mind.
The fact I’ve been physically sick, but my
mind wouldn’t accept it
Anyhoo, yesterday I pulled myself out of it
with a ‘trick’ that will help you a bunch,,
I’ve talked about it on the podcast before
See, I’m a student ot Byron Katie
her books, audios and podcast are EPIC..
One of the things I do EVERY DAY
is ‘the work’ on a stressful thought or
and this one yesterday, as simple as it looks
changed my game…
Ready to have a peek inside my fucked up
mind, dude? Here goes:
(note this is only a SMALL part of the actual
Original Stressful thought I BELIEVED:
“I want to feel better and be back to normal”
“I want to feel WORSE and NOT be back to
EVIDENCE to support the new truth:
1-I haven’t been relaxing and napping 
2-I haven’t been meditating 
3-I haven’t given space to heal
4-I’ve been eating shit and drinking lotsa coffee
5-I haven’t been hydrating
See why its been driving me insane?
Basically, I’ve been lying to myself…
When i got to the truth, the REALITY of the
I felt a huge sense of freedom..
and put me in a position to stop THINKING
and start DOING
Reminds me of PT’s and fitness business
“I want to grow my business” 
“I want more clients” 
“I want to make more money” 
“I want to take more time off”
“I want to stand out from the competition” 
“I want to make more sales”
They don’t. The just don’t.
How do I know?
Because they do NOTHING about it
Just the same shit, over and over again…
Or they wouldn’t be telling the STORY that
they wanted to change…
Tell me THAT^^ ain’t true, hombre
Listen, you wanna change you story
INVEST in help
stop trying to figure it out yourself
Start here:
Paul ‘Terrorist Killah’ Mort
PS- Check out Byron Katies book
“Loving what is”
Its one of the books I HAVE implemented stuff
Will tell you about the rest next week

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