The Hurricane

November 22, 2017

One of my favourite movies of all time is “The Hurricane” starring Denzel Washington <– total bad-ass, BTW

Tiz the true story of a boxer, Ruben “The Hurricane” Carter

Who was wrongly convicted to 3 life sentences for murders he didn’t commit

Brutal right? ^^

Anyhoo, after NINETEEN years… it was finally proven that he was innocent and he was released

My favourite thing about the film though?

Well, ‘cept my man crush Denzel putting in an insanely good perfomance…

Carter REFUSED to let it f*ck him up

He realised that ANGER and feeling sorry for himself would achieve NOTHING at all and would only serve to rob him of energy and power

Instead, he DEDICATED himself to study and self improvement

He studied the bible, he studied LAW

and eventually, with some help he walked away

yup, brilliant movie

See the link to bizniz?

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