The HARSH truth about ‘people that can’t afford it’ - The Paul Mort Podcast

The HARSH truth about ‘people that can’t afford it’

May 26, 2015

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was out all day with the kids yesteday and my
head was a little battered

(if you have young kids, you’ll get it)

Got a message from a fella telling me how
he’s getting sick of people whining about how
much he charges for his sessions.

I was pretty blunt with my answer (no change
there dood)

“If people are complaining about your prices,
it means your marketing is poor and your
positioning is weak”

Harsh but true.

Hey, gimme a break boo.

You can’t help someone by telling them what
they want to hear right?

Lemme splaineth, squire.

If people are whining about how much you

it means you’re being COMPARED.

Which means you’re perceived as a commodity.

Hence I wouldn’t use the word ‘bootcamp’

You’re thrown in with the shit charging 3
quid for crawling around in dog shit.

You’re being pigeon holed.

People’s perception of you is HUGE.

If you’re attracting cheapskates.

It’s your fault.

Your marketing is ‘me too’.


Your positioning isn’t that of EXPERT…

It’s that of ‘Another option’

but its pretty easy to fix, you know…

Well, maybe not easy.. but SIMPLE..

It’s just marketing.

your message

the words you write

the words you say

that position you as…

‘The PREMIUM option’

So much so, that you’ll be in a ‘category of

Oh and you’ll be able to command higher
prices without people whining.

If you know HOW, obviously…
(and most people don’t)

Lemme leave you with this dood..

I thought of this myself yesterday whilst
agonising over how many ‘sheep’ there are in
the fitness industry.

‘How do you expect to stand out, if you’re
doing the same shit as everyone else is

and yes, I AM quoting myself…

Bite me 😉

“SHIT” almost forgot (it would be rude not

This is EXACTLY the type of thing you’ll
discover as a member of my inner circle

It’s not cheap, but.. 

You know the rest:

Paul ‘Grumpy dad’ Mort

PS-  That kids footie story is coming…


Would i lie to you?

Who loves ya?


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