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The greatest salesman that ever lived?

July 24, 2015

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The usual suspects aren’t part of this
conundrum (<-great word No Tony Robbins, no Seth Godin, no Zig
Ziglar, no Dan Kennedy or Robert Kiyosaki

The list goes on and on..


In my opinon the BEST salesman ever?

The Joker (yup, that guy of Batman: The Dark
Night fame)


The dudes a MASTER at telling stories..

But not just any stories

Watch the movie back and you’ll notice

he as MULTIPLE stories about his ‘origin’

and each one is as interesting, and
compelling as the one before

you can’t NOT want to listen to them all the
way through…

Jesus H Christ (yes, I’m going there)

Was a MASTER salesman to..

ALL of his ‘selling’ was via stories

via parables with hidden lessons

how else would he build THE BIGGEST ‘CULT’
the world has ever seen?

The point here, youngblood?

Selling is ALL about stories

Not tips

Not ‘hints’ and ‘tricks’

The best salesmen, tell the best stories

The best comedians, tell the best stories-
not the best jokes

The best leaders in the word? also the best
story tellers

When you develop the unique skill or telling
stories in emals about you, your product,
your clients, your ideas

and your life… you literally CAN NOT FAIL
to make bacon…

People will stand in line to by from you,

They’ll hang on every word in your emails

Storytelling is the CHIEF when it comes to
powerful persuasion

always has been (from the beginning of

and always will be

The best part?

ANYONE can learn how to do it

IF they have someone who knows what the fuck
they’re doing and has a PROVEN ‘system’ 

for cranking out email, after profitable email


Paul ‘jack-a-nory’ Mort

PS- You only have like TEN days to get on board with this


Once we start

you won’t get another chance with this

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