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The ‘F’ Word

January 26, 2018

I’m known for having a ‘potty mouth’

But the ‘F’ word in question today?

Isn’t the ‘F’ word that you’re thinking of, mon ami

I’m actually here, to talk about FEAR

(And I may even rhyme whilst doing it)

From an evolutionary standpoint?

Fear is essential

It’s a defence mechanism

And being ‘afraid’ of razor-toothed predators…

Is how our ancestors survived during the ‘hunter-gatherer’ years

(Or so I’ve been told)

These days?

Life is pretty ‘cushy’ in comparison

In fact, we live in the SAFEST time in human history

(Despite all of the sh*t going down in some parts of the world)

The problem?

Our brains are still ‘wired’ to look out for threats

And in the absence of ‘real’ threats with sharp teeth?

We tend to focus on things that, in reality, aren’t that ‘scary’ at all

Take business for example

Obviously, there are risks involved

And most businesses DO fail

But the reason most businesses fail, is because MOST business owners don’t know how to market themselves

Unfortunately, some business owners DO know how to market themselves…

And they STILL fail

The reason?



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They’re scared to do the work that’s required…

Because they’re scared of what other people will think of them

I used to suffer from this, myself

But then I discovered how to STOP being afraid

And that, my friend…

Is to take ACTION

If you spend ALL of your time living in your head, worrying about the future?

Nothing gets done

But when you take action?

You actually start to LIVE in the present

And that’s when you can actually start to make some PROGRESS

Give it a go today

Pick ONE thing that you’ve been putting off

(Even if it’s something small)

And make a START

It’ll seem a LOT less ‘daunting’ once you do

I can guarantee it

Paul ‘Fearless’ Mort

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Maybe TODAY is the day you should face your fear:

I don’t bite


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