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The Big Facebook PANIC.. (its coming)

February 27, 2015

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Fear not, my love…

Facebook closing down personal accounts
without warning for people advertising on

and shutting down advertising accounts

Doesn’t have to be so bad…

For this months MMIC newsletter goes to print

Inside, you’ll discover:

* How to avoid ye olde “Facebook Slap” so
that you can continue to get leads from there

* EXACTLY why they’re BANNING people from
driving traffic to application forms

* What to do if you advertising account gets
shut down (its not as simple as opening

* Why you MUST take the ‘PT’ or ‘Personal
Trainer’ or ‘your business name’ from you
personal profile or face the wrath of

* Where the worlds BEST marketers are now
paying to send their adverts to (the answer
will surprise you)

* The SHOCKING truth about why most websites
are a TOTAL waste of both time and money

* How to set up a website so that it brings
you a SERIOUS amount of brand new, red hot
leads on a DAILY basis

* Which page on a website is the most clicked
AND the most important (its now what you
think it is)

* My PROVEN system for ‘getting in’ with
local companies, both big and small (BONUS

* How to BLOG DAILY, without doing ANY ‘extra

* Why trying to ‘sell’ on your site is
KILLING your chances of actually making a
sale (the truth is only 1% of sales are made
like that)

* How to turn site visitors into money (like
I do)

* How to re-activate your former clients in 2
simple steps (BONUS CD)

* What to do to get leads if you DON’T have a

* How to FIX your facebook ads if they keep
getting dis-approved

* My own PERSONAL BLUEPRINT for getting
CLARITY every morning, whilst most people are
still fucking around

* How to turn ANY negative into a postive and
then into CONTENT that you get paid for (no

* Simple, easy to follow steps to turn your
website into a lead generating MACHINE

* How to sell MORE EXPENSIVE programs to your
current clients (Bonus CD)

* and a shit load more, sexy, bacon makin’

She goes to print this evening…

You can still grab her here:

Paul ‘Chill, Winston’ Mort

PS-  There’s ONE tip in there, that’s worth
‘re-assuringly expensive’ investment for this
month on its own…

Obviously you’ll only know what it is if you
invest in yourself though

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