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How would I describe Paul Mort? Relentless, knowledgeable, hilarious, unorthodox, frank, courageous, experienced, front-running, authentic and EFFECTIVE! Morty is one of an elite band of professionals who live and work with rigorous integrity and if you’re looking for a mentor who will truly help you leverage your skillset to the max by being exactly who you are, he’s your man.”

Charlotte Ord
TV Fitness Expert, Reebok Sponsored PT, Charlotte Ord Academy.

Paul transformed my thinking from "social media following" to building a mailing list. At any given time I can drop an email and Generate at least 4 figures within 12-24 hours, and often 5 figures from one email. Paul taught me how to bring the social media followers on to my database. I run two now, one with over 4,500 subscribers and the other With 750+
Both have open rates averaging 40% a DAY!

Adam Gethin
Author of Mens Fitness magazines 10 week body plan

Paul Mort cuts through all the nonsense that is out there and tells you exactly where you need to spend your time to earn more money and more free time.

John Connor
Irish Strength Institute

Paul Mort is a genius when it comes to marketing. He has helped teach me lots of techniques and given me lots of tools that I use everyday in my business to make money. As soon as I started to implement his email strategies alone, my inbox came to life like never before - IMMEDIATE SALES/RESULTS, I had been blogging/emailing for three years before that with not much in the way of results.

Richard Clarke

Meeting Paul and becoming a member of MMIC last year was the best decision I've ever made when it comes to growing my business. I'm earning shit loads more cash, actually HAVE a savings account now and I take weekends off to be with my friends and family (which I never ever did before). Paul is like the male version of me - straight talking, no bullshit and easy to implement strategies. Oh and he's a good laugh too 😉
I wouldn't hesitate for a second to recommend MMIC.

Rachael Watson
Walk the Talk Fitness

Marketing Made Simple, Profit Exploding, Life Making. The Go To Guy For Making Top Dolar In The Fitness Industry.

Phil Harrison
Raw Fitness Camps

Paul has a no nonsense approach to fitness marketing - He gives fit pro’s the wakeup call that is so often needed, with his straight talking, ‘just do it’ style…I love it and he’s a weapon that you should have in your arsenal.

Nick Orton
Managing Director- BODYPOWER

Paul has transformed the way i run my business and the way I think about marketing….I’m not scared of it any more. It’s hard work, I don’t get it right all the time. Whats great is he involves everyone. You learn not just from him but all the others in MMIC, good and bad. A great mentor, educator with a lot of laughs too.

Russell Pearcy

Paul has taught me so many business lessons since I've been working with him.He's taught me how to be more ruthless with my time and only work with people who I wanna work with. He's also taught me how to truly connect with potential prospects and how to solve their fears & problems He's also taught me how to give my email writing 'more art' and specific to getting paid, as a post to just writing to impress people one of the most VALUABLE things he has taught me was how to fill my wallet & not my ego

Sam Winkworth

Since joining MMIC and hiring Paul as my mentor my understanding of what marketing really is has improved ten folds.Before I would purely rely on offering cheap deals, daily deal sites, and facebook shout outs.Not to mention the only time I ever heard the word avatar was when I watched the film pah! The newsletters and CDs we receive each month are PACKED with invaluable marketing content. That's very easy to digest in one sitting before getting stuck into the homework we're given The best perk of being an MMIC member is having Paul actually critique all of our marketing material, from our emails, Fb ads, flyers, websites etc.
Although you gotta be brave and willing to hear the truth I can guarantee if you're ready to listen, learn and apply you'll see you're buiz, life and bank balance grow right before you're eyes.This testimonial doesn't even scratch the surface on how much of a difference MMIC and Paul have made to my life and confidence in marketing - genuinely couldn't see me leaving

TFW Edinburgh

You motivate me big time. You’ve taught me that I can work less hours, yet earn more money. I now spend more time with my family and help even more people with my business at the same time. The information, skills & knowledge Im learning from MMIC is taking me as a person & my business into the stratosphere compared to where it has been for the last 5 years & I thank you for that. Doubled my annual income in the first 6 months, so yeah, that’s a lot of bacon. Paul Mort is the Ultimate motivational mentor and his Marketing Muscle inner Circle is the Ultimate Learning resource for my business marketing & a whole lot more.

Steve Dennis

Paul Mort is a genius when it comes to marketing. He has helped teach me lots of techniques and given me lots of tools that I use everyday in my business to make money. As soon as I started to implement his email strategies alone, my inbox came to life like never before - IMMEDIATE SALES/RESULTS, I had been blogging/emailing for three years before that with not much in the way of results.

Richard Clarke

As someone starting out from nothing, I honestly didn't have a clue where to begin with making money out of my business. Rather than spending endless cash on figuring it out myself, I INVESTED in the MMIC to learn what to do to market my business. (It's crazy how much stuff I wasn't even aware of before joining MMIC).  1 month later I can say, I would never have made this much progress getting my business off the ground, without Paul's help.

Eamon Lovett

I needed someone to call me out on my bullshit and help take away the noise from social media / everyone else and their opinion. Stop, take a step back and start at the bottom and work your way through your business. The simple step processes are always there either in video or in hard copy paper in a folder. Try, fail, try again, keep trying until you find what works for you and for your client base then do more of it. Its not fucking rocket science but sometimes you just need to hear it again.

I have listened back to webinars again, every time I listen I learn something better than the time before. If you have a call with a mentor or attend groups, how often is it recorded that you can listen back again and again? i love that you get to see and hear feedback of other members in MMIC with the critiques. I ditched my old business and started again from scratch at the beginning of June, I have more than quadrupled my income (that was more to do with the fact that the old business i didn't take a wage in 3 years and it ended up costing me money to clear the debt - epic fail). I don't have a burning desire to 18hr+ days every day to get nothing back and I don't feel guilty for taking time off to do stuff I want to do or do sweet F.A if that's what I want. I work what I need and want to get shit done.

Overwhelm, procrastination and stress has been significantly reduced. There is no longer bruising on my forehead from smashing it off a brick wall. Happiness has been significantly increased that people have actually said I look different! (True story). Yes, I did that, I took responsibility for my life but being part of MMIC has helped me structure life better, get better return on everything and helped me focus and find not only the clients i REALLY want to work with but also the product I sell them. For me it hasn't happened overnight, but it is happening at a pace that I can deal with and am more than happy with (for now), I get that there is other shit I need to deal with and that is OK.

Jen Wilson

I've followed Uncle Morty for a while I've always implemented his e mail advice and I love his sense of humour as it's similar to mine. I love his no bullshit, straight to the point style. I've got a few projects that I need help with and there is no one else that I would have gone too. I need to take things to the next level with online products and now a boot camp and I believe that Paul is the man to get me where I need to be. Cheers Uncle Morty.

Rob Blackbourne

I joined MMIC to help me start a business I THOUGHT I wanted. Instead my mind was opened to a million different ways in which I could make money, and more importantly to me, to be happy. Now I've pied the idea of a fitness business off.
Instead I'm slowly beginning to spend my life carrying out a dream that I've had for as long as I can remember. A dream that I had given up on. MMIC has not only taught me how to make a lot money. It's opened my mind and allowed me to live a dream.

Dan Alberts

Paul Mort is an acquired taste. He’s direct, blunt, loud, emotional and the best marketer I’ve worked with. If you’re a sensitive soul then Paul is probably not for you, however if you’re serious about building your business and your marketing skills then you’d be a fool not to listen to him. In the six months since joining MMIC I’ve double my online business, streamlined my marketing process and learnt how to truly understand the needs of my niche market. So time for you to stop messing around and get onboard to make some serious bacon!

Phil Lowes
Owner Expat-Fit.com & FatLossClub.co.uk

I've been a member of MMIC for one year now and the lessons I've learned from Paul (not to mention the clarity he's taught me to achieve) has completely transformed the way I run my business. With this new clarity, focus and application of what I've learned I'm now able to enjoy more time off from the business, whilst making more money AND spending more time doing what I enjoy. On top of that, the more recent work Paul has been doing has helped me to focus more on what's actually important in life and gain a far better balance between business life and personal life.

Thanks Paul

Luke Bremner

If you are thinking you couldn't afford this...you're wrong. You actually can't afford not to. Hell no,scrap that - I don't want all my competitors learning this stuff - its total rubbish, don't touch it with a barge pole.

Tanya Grant

I have only been a member of MMIC a few weeks but already all I can think is awesome! Paul's no bull attitude is the exact kick up the ass I needed. He says it how it is which was a big selling point for me! Only a few weeks in, loving the tools Paul gives us to succeed and already seeing results! The start of 2015 kicks ass over 2014 and it's thanks greatly to Paul.

Peter Heaven

I have been a member for a very short time 1 month so far so I have only had a small window of time to make moves but during that time I have had a fire lit under my ass I'm currently in the process of having my website built for me, have set up an Aweber account to be attached to the aforementioned site and I have begun recruiting prospects for an online training business, 4 days after posting my unpaid Add to FB, and using the information I gleaned from the latest newsletter I have had 20 new leads and and they're still coming in, I have spent months procrastinating about the above but within a few days of gaining access to the members area I had taken action and Thanks to Paul I have started 2015 with some real momentum, Paul makes decisions that somehow seem so huge into manageable and easy to implement tasks, simply put he makes you let go of your own bullshit and actually take action.

Jp Cronin

Started following Paul a couple of years ago, he interested me as I had been using US coaches and it was rare to find someone in the UK who really knew his stuff. I listened to every podcast he brought out and when he launched MMIC I jumped at the chance to be a member.
I had no idea how much he would impact my business, it tripled last year…
Most importantly he saved my business, he took all the worry and stress away from me, he gave me confidence and pushed me to do things I would never have done. Like sending daily emails, worrying about what people would think of me, speaking to my avatar and never stagnating – always pushing forwards and higher.

Carolyne Mcdougal

With one email I got 3 consultations over the phone in one day. Looks like I could be bagging 3 grand from these meetings. He's fucking good!

Sean Behan

I signed up to your emails after attending an Lifestyle Fitness event with yourself, purely for the curiosity.... at first your emails simply entertained me (or so I thought) until. one day, I can't remember why, but you didn't send one ! It drove me fucking nuts ! I NEEDED my email. At this point I realized the power of what was happening, the relationship that had formed without me even realizing.

I signed up for the MMIC soon after. I'm still learning and its a gradual process. But what I will say is this. Through the MMIC you were the first person to take the pain I was feeling but unable to understand and say LOOK I KNOW how you feel, I know what's pissing you off, I understand you... let me help!.

Sounds cheesy as anything I guess but you saved me from a really shit path, and indirectly demonstrated to me the power of understanding your avatar, of daily emails, of building relationships and most of all the power of brutal raw honest truth ! Love you bro. Thank you.

Paul Robinson

Paul Mort has helped me no end with many aspects of my business. His approach is very refreshing, and in my opinion the best approach to have, 'Telling it like it is'. I always recommend Paul to anyone I hear of who needs help with marketing.

Stuart Degville

I have been a freelance personal trainer for a while, having a pretty good client base but always wanting to do more new business ideas. Problem is my area of expertise was getting in shape not sales and marketing. I tried things but never sure I was just pissing in the wind. Was picking up Paul's daily emails for a couple of months before taking the plunge. And guess what , the cheeky northern monkey talks a lot of sense. I have only just joined but learnt loads and looking forward to the ride of taking things to the next level.

Robert Day

Joining MMIC was a massive step for me. It was like validating that my business was real and deserved the investment I was about to commit to. It turned out to be everything I was looking for, but without the fluff and it finally gave me the ability to turn my passion into profit. I can honestly say that since joining, both my attitude towards building Lean with Lucy and the skills I desperately needed, to grow it, have exploded.Paul on the other hand, what a twat. Just kidding.

Actually his authentic approach and the ability to be honest, has helped me to dig deep and look at what has been holding me back (me). The guy doesn’t mince his words, if you are hiding from the work you need to do or are being lazy- he will tell you. But for many of us, it’s what we need.

Accountability. No more hopes for Lean with Lucy. I have no doubt in my mind that 2015 is going to be a year of huge growth. Moving to application only has already proved that. Paul Mort & MMIC, you rock-

Lucy Doyle

I made a goal of wanting to learn more about sales and marketing in 2015. This is why MMIC appealed to me. After signing up I soon realised I am probably making every mistake possible. Paul has a unique and honest way of teaching which personally makes it fun and enjoyable. I did a few marketing modules at uni and I probably learnt more in 1 MMIC newsletter than I did in 4.5 years at uni. His approach know doubt ruffles a few feathers but if someone can keep me interested in a subject and it helps me improve then I'm all over it!

Head of Athletic Development Northumberland LTA HPC

Paul & The MMIC have taught me a few lessons since I've been a member, here's what I think are the top ones:
When I joined the MMIC I was at point where I was lost and completely stressed the out. You helped remind me of why I do what I do... I love making people laugh, feel good and happy! With the stuff Paul teaches in the MMIC I learnt how to really use that reason to make more money and create a better life for me and my family and ultimately become a happier person. The MMIC has helped me turn my job (what I thought was a business) into an actual business that I could sell if I wanted to. And the most important thing is
To be MYSELF and to be true to ME <- Just being 'me' has been the most powerful tool in making more money and being happier. It gets horribly hot and uncomfortable under a mask and it feels incredible when you take it off. PS. Thanks for helping me find another hobby/passion or whatever you want to call it, I'm talking about WRITING, I fucking love it.

Vin Patel 
Fitness with Vin

I seeked guidance from Paul after listening to his podcasts and being lured in by his seductive emails. My business was in a good place financially but I had no life. I was working so many hours that my relationship with my girlfriend had broke down and I never saw my mates and to tell the truth I was burnt out. Since jumping on MMIC and applying what uncle Morty told me to do (without sounding cheesy and like I'm on a TV advert) I have got my life back. I'm now earning more money, working less hours, training the clients I want to be training at a higher rate and also running a successful and growing online business and sending daily email which generates me between 5 and 10 leads PER DAY !! All this whilst working A LOT less and getting more time to see my friends and do the things I enjoy to do. You'd be a fool not to invest in what Uncle Morty.

Jack Williams

I signed up to MMIC 2 months ago, having been a student of Marketing for 2 or 3 years. I've been following some other 'top' Marketers that I know Morty has studied with, but he's the first one I've found who breaks it all down into much easier to use 'stuff'. Which is what I was struggling with. In the 3 years I have been running my business, I have NEVER earned any money during the Christmas period.
This year, I smashed my record of...uhmmm zero (ha ha) with £2,000 from just ONE client. I KNOW for a fact that this came about because the clients in question had been reading every single one of my daily emails (I'd been doing a monthly newsletter before Morty).
I can see how I can DOUBLE my business this year by changing my focus from MORE Members to MORE money. They aren't necessarily one and the same thing, see. We've also LOST a few energy sapping Members who were just too hard work, because we are now repelling those sorts of people - mainly through the emails I'm writing (nearly) every day (Taught by Morty). The new Members we are gaining are far more respectful and 'up for it' - happy days.

Frankie Burrows 
Champion Soccer Academy

Consider this a message to you from your future self: Joining MMIC was the second best decision I made this year - practising what I learned was the first. MMIC is not for fence sitters - it's for doers , and doers that can take negative feedback that will literally have you living better that you ever have before.

More Clients
More Money
More Brand Strength
More Confidence
More Time with your loved ones
More Freedom

MMIC is expensive , but it's value is easily 3 or 4 times that and the I opened my own facility and had 30 members, fully paying, within 6 weeks and hired a trainer after 3 months - and I'm the second most expensive facility around. MMIC works - if YOU work

Gavin Coyne 
Hybrid Strength & Fitness

How would I describe Paul Mort? Relentless, knowledgeable, hilarious, unorthodox, frank, courageous, experienced, front-running, authentic and EFFECTIVE! Morty is one of an elite band of professionals who live and work with rigorous integrity and if you’re looking for a mentor who will truly help you leverage your skillset to the max by being exactly who you are, he’s your man.

Charlotte Ord 
TV Fitness Expert, Reebok Sponsored PT, Charlotte Ord Academy.

Through MMIC Uncle Morty has taught me to not waste my words, so I won’t…
MMIC = Work Less, Earn More Paul has a talent for injecting you with his own unique exuberant sense of purpose! His MMIC is a breath of fresh air, not a day goes by that I don’t use at least one of the multiple resources to build the business that I love…

Paul Michael Love

Paul and the MMIC has delivered everything he ever promised and more... I earn more, work less and being honest it not just my bizz that better... My whole life is my missus doesn’t have to work and can look after our baby and I’m there quite a bit too. The investment of the MMIC is worth its cost and much more. I openly admit i don’t use the members ares enough but the emails and the newsletter if fucking epic. Joining the MMIC and coming to your events it the best decision i ever made in bizz.

Ryan Hodgson

12 months ago I joined mmic.. I had amassed a ton of training knowledge in the previous 5 years. But zero marketing or business knowledge. I was working long hours.. For less money and all areas of my life were suffering something had to change. I went from having 20 members to 50 in a year and more importantly increasing my income 5x over in 12 months. While working LESS.

Simon Gwilliam

I joined MMIC about 9 months ago, just after I had opened my own facility. At the time it was a huge investment for me, but after the first newsletter it had paid for itself. The knowledge Paul has is incredible and because he used to be a trainer he gets it. My biggest issue was I had my dream facility but I was struggling to distinguish myself from every other personal trainer in town. Paul taught me how to attract the right clients, people I enjoy training and that I can be myself around them. Now my facility is full of loyal clients, who are willing to put the work in, and achieve awesome results. This massively down to the daily emails Paul recommended. I shat myself the first one I sent, where as now I actually enjoy writing them. And the feedback I get is awesome. In November I invested a big sum of money to attend Pauls 3 day accelerator course. I've been on a lot of courses but never experienced anything like it in my life. He gave us absolutely everything he had for 3 of the most intense days of my life. He's taught me how to take time out for myself & as a result see my personal life & business thrive. I'm happier now than I ever could have imagined, dominating everyday with a purpose. Running your own business can be lonely at times, Paul has given me support & clarity I need to do it efficiently, so I now have time to spend with friends & family. He calls me out on my bullshit whenever needed to keep me on track rather than just telling me I'm great. Because I respect his results, I listen to every f#cking word he says & trust his advice 100%.

Andrew Lahart

Paul taught me how to run a business with authenticity, passion and elegance. He taught me how to make the money I deserve doing what I love and being myself, helping people, and also enjoying my life in the process. What else can you ask for! His generous teachings and support have been invaluable to me. Taking into account the challenges he's gone through in his life, the man is a minefield... of friggin' diamonds!

Anna Aparicio- O’connel

Ive known Paul since 2006. Seen him build multiple businesses. Seen him struggle too. He knows his shit because he's been there and done it all before. He's also a genuinely nice guy, he wants you to succeed. But he won't take any bullshit. He'll hit you where it hurts and if you're man enough to follow what he shows you, your business will never be the same again.

John O’Connell

A pregnant partner. No place to live for my new little family. That weight drilled my into the ground. With the worst thought of knowing I currently wouldn't have the time to spend with my new family. Let alone time to make more money for a house. Needless to say my business turned around, got enough money and cash flow for our house (plus a lot spare cash even AFTER refurb), and most importantly a tonne of free time to spend with my family. Thanks Paul Mort forever grateful for your help.

Michael Gray

"I used to panic every time I sent an email and got an unsubscribe from my list. The thought of sending regular emails and getting unsubscribes really scared me. But I manned up, followed Paul's advice and now have more leads and more conversions than ever before. As for the unsubscribes - yeah, I still get 'em, but I get waaay more opt-ins now. Oh and I'm on target for my best ever performing year!”

Martin Whitaker