Summer Is Coming

March 10, 2017

Things are starting to ‘hot up’, amigo

Here in South Shields?

It’s currently a ‘balmy’ -5 degrees Celsius

And that can only mean ONE thing

Summer is coming

My question to YOU, hombre, is this…

What are YOU gonna do about it?

I’ve spoken about this before

When the weather gets warm?


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People can’t hide their bodies under their winter clothes anymore

Not unless they want to offend people with their ‘stink’

And for most people?

They’re MORE motivated to do something about it NOW…

Than they were back in January

But as interesting as that is?

I’m more interested in what YOU’RE going to do, to maximise on this opportunity

If all you’ve got to offer is ‘discounts’ or ‘one FREE session when you pay for nine’?

You’re gonna struggle, dude

And if you’re struggling to attract clients in the summer?

How the f*ck do you expect to get clients in the winter?

(When people have far more excuses NOT to get in shape)

Luckily for you, homeslice…

I have a SOLUTION to your problems

It’s my ‘Marketing Muscle Inner Circle’

And I’m going to give you an opportunity to sign up VERY soon

(So keep an eye on your inbox)

Until then?

There’s LOTS of good stuff for you over on my Flakebook page:

Paul ‘T-Shirt Tan’ Mort

PS – If you think I’m full of sh*t…

And that you know how to market your business BETTER than I do?

That’s cool, amigo

The unsubscribe link is at the bottom

Best of luck to you

You’re probably gonna need it

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