Why I Stopped Training People... - The Paul Mort Podcast

Why I Stopped Training People…

November 14, 2017

You may have wondered this yourself dood:

‘How come you don’t train people anymore?’

You might think its just cuz i like to lay around the pool all day sipping mojitos and being fed grapes by my servent but the truth is this…


pure and simple

I was doing the old “first client/bootcamp at 6am last one at like 8 or 9pm”

It just got to a point where I became a ‘clock watcher’

that was CLOCK with an ‘L’

Dorrty b*gger 😉


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I was missing social events

Missing doing stuff I wanted to

All because ‘I had clients’

The more i learnt amount marketing, the more I watched the clock

I began to think ‘there are so many more things I could be doing to move my business forward than counting your reps’

Theres gotta be more to life than that right?

No matter how much you LOVE what you do

And i bet that you’ve probably thought that before too

I just have the gonads to admit it

Then my son came, and I was missing bath time, missing bed time

and that SUCKS

Thats kinda why bootcamps/fitness camps are so cool

You can work less hours and earn the same or if you’re a great marketer- even more money


Then it went full circle, it got to the point where I was up and at work before my son was out of bed

Which meant I missed him bounding into my room with a huge smile on his face, like every morning was christmas morning

I started begrudging my bootcamp sessions

(I don’t know many other people that will admit to this)

Because it meant more time away from my family

Even though it was VERY profitable and paid the bills

What I’m really trying to say is this you DONT HAVE TO do this stuff

There are better ways to do what you love, when you want to do it and STILL SEE YOUR FAMILY AND FRIENDS

and of course, still get paid big moolah

* Think about outsourcing your admin

*Get someone else to do your book keeping

*Put sessions on at times that SUIT YOU- not the other way around.

whats the point in having a business if it controls YOU?

(think about all the people that CAN’T make the ‘normal’ times of 6am and 6pm)

*Learn and implement some online marketing strategies- maybe even start an online program

*This is a cliche but spend less time IN your business and more time ON your business

*Find someone who’s doing what you want to do and ASK THEM for help

This is not bullsh*t dude, I created a business (almost by accident to be honest) that lets me work from ANYWHERE IN THE WORLD and still get paid

If I can do it… you can too


Paul ‘CLOCK Watcher’ Mort

PS- notice i haven’t mentioned taking on trainers

This should be THE LAST thing you do

I’ll tell you ‘why’ another time

In fact, I might even do a webinar about it at some point…

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