"Are you still training people?" - The Paul Mort Podcast

“Are you still training people?”

May 23, 2016

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Was at a kids birthday party yesterday with the family..

and a lady asked me a question I hadn’t heard for YEARS

“Are you still training people?”

Heard it a lot recently, to be honest.

Must been cuz av dropped a little junk from
my trunk 😉

Anyhoo, I’m had to aplogise to the lady in the end…


I was just plain rude…

See, I just burst out laughing

(My wife was horrified at that^^, woops)

But it reminded me of a question that used to
always make me feel awkward.

Well actually, the-question-after-the-answer
to-the-first-question, to be precise.

Lemme splaineth, squire..

Person at social gathering: “So, what do you

You: “I’m a personal trainer”

Then, comes the part that’s like catching the
tip of your penis in the zip of your jeans

Person at social gathering: “Oh, I could do
with one of those, how much is it an hour?”

UnCoMfOrTaBlE right, hombre?

I used to hate that shit.

See, ‘joe public’ kinda sees all PT’s the

“Muscles for hire” so to speak.

Unfortunately that means AWESOME trainers,
like you..

get Pigeon-holed with, LUMPED in with…

-quid-a-session, PT’s.

( I’ve actually seen PT’s charging LESS than that- fucktards)

Not a good place to be in right?

Fear not, mere mortal.

You can fix that shit, and fix it pretty

{–No more “how much is it?”–}

1- Stop selling sessions. Start selling
RESULTS (obvious, but thats what most people
want anyway)

New answer: “Well, I don’t actually charge by
the hour (optional- “I aint a hooker”) I have
an application only business where serious,
committed people invest in results.

So it depends entirely on wether A- you’re
accepted as a client and B- your goals and
timescale you’d like to achieve them in.
here’s my card if you’d like to know more”

2- Un-Pigeon-Hole Yourself. Make people think
a little beyond the ‘price’

New Answer: “I help worn out, tired dads who’ve let
themselves go get back in shape, lose their
guts and be a great model to their kids. I do
this through 1-1 coaching, group training and
online consultations.

Oh and they don’t have to live like monks or give
up pints with the lads”

Now, homey..

I also have a REAL secret weapon up my sleeve

(and in my pants, actually)


A MEGA fast way to position yourself as a real EXPERT..

and in this months MMIC newsletter

I teach just how to RAM events and seminars full of RED HOT

But only for people that don’t want to keep
being asked:

“How much is it?”

Paul “No, I’m not training people, Idiot’ Mort

PS- Almost forgot man, here’s the link


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actually filling out the forms etc.. These
are cold hard facts broheim.”

^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ Funny thing is…

I haven’t even TAUGHT Chris how to write
KICK-ASS emails yet.

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