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“Squad Goals”?

August 30, 2016

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I gotta admit, dogglet…

Uncle Morty LOVES this ‘new’ kinda superhero movie

Where there’s a bit of an edge, a bit of ‘bad’ and lots of toilet humour

So when “Suicide Squad” came out a few weeks back, I had to check it out

In short- its about a group of EVIL villains

Real bad guys

Killers, assassins, straight up lunatics

You name it, they’ve done it

Harley Quinn, played by the smoking hot Margot Robbie was a personal favourite of mine

In the end though, these bunch of evil, crazy bastids end up saving the world from a messed up witch who
turns humans into straight up ‘alien things’

All in all a pretty bad-ass movie..

Anyhoo, it reminds me of biznizz..

Cuz despite all the mush cookie talk of ‘freedom’ and ‘lifestyle based business’

You gotta be pretty crazy to be self employed

this game IS NOT easy…

it can be bloody BRUTAL at times…

Back stabbing, under-cutting, uncertainty

Not knowing where your next client is coming from

clients leaving

Man… I used to question wether it would be easier to just go get a job

^^ ever done that?

But here’s the thing…

It’s a WAAY harder when you’re trying to figure it out on your own

trying to market- with no marketing knowledge

trying to sell- with no training in selling

Sounds NUTS.. doesn’t it?

Well, you’re probably doing just that

and the craziest part of it all?

We wonder why we’re not making any sales or more money—>yet we don’t have any idea how to sell..

Thats gotta be the definition of BATSHIT CRAZY…

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Paul ‘Deadshot’ Mort

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