Spring Forward Or Fall Back?

February 28, 2017

If ‘Ned Stark’ were a real person?

He’d be a happy man

Because today marks the END of winter

And tomorrow is the official start of spring 2017

Good news for Ned

Good news for YOU

Bad news for the average person


Well, let’s be honest

The average person is pretty fat

(And that’s NOT ‘fat-shaming’, that’s a statistical FACT)

When it’s cold?


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People can hide their bodies under layers of clothing

When it’s hot?

This becomes more difficult

And for the average person?

This is the time of year when they’re almost FORCED to do something about it

(Even more so than January)

My question to you, squire, is this:

How are you going to capitalise on this with YOUR business?

If your answer is ‘discounts for block bookings’?

Or some sort of half ars*d ‘bikini body’ promotion?

I would have you consider, that you should spend a bit more time on your marketing

Because you’re going to be competiting with LOTS of other personal trainers offering the EXACT same thing

You’d actually be much better off thinking about WHO you want to work with

And offering them exactly what THEY want

Instead of discounting your services…

Or offering ONE free session if your client pays for NINE

(Is a discount or a FREE session really what your client wants/needs?)

Fortunately, if you’re stuck for ideas?

I can help

My ‘Marketing Muscle Inner Circle’ will be opening up again in a few weeks

And once inside?

I’ll show you how to identify an audience that NONE of your competitors are targeting

And how to offer them something that NO-ONE else is offering them

That way, you’ll be able to move your business forward this year

Instead of having to ‘fall back’ on discounts all the time

Paul ‘Forward Momentum’ Mort

PS – If you’re NOT interested in growing your business at a RAPID rate over the next few months?

And you’d rather spend your time in FREE Facebook groups, pissing and moaning about ‘Joe Wicks’…

Instead of focusing on your own business?

MMIC is NOT for you.

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