​Spoiler Alert. Spoiler Alert. (Mad Max) - The Paul Mort Podcast

​Spoiler Alert. Spoiler Alert. (Mad Max)

May 23, 2015

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Cupple days ago I went to see the re-make of
“Mad Max”


Seriously good move, brew.

Violence Blood Guts War Boys Cars Fire Guns
REALLY hot women

and of course, Mr Tom Hardy

Is it weird I found Hardy sexier than the

Fuck it.

Anyhoo.. without spoiling it too much

its a ‘post apocalyptic’ film

Set in the world a a total wasteland

The two things in the movie that jumped out
at me




Most people in the movie (and Mad Max at the
start) are just trying to survive

Running. Killing. Running. Killing

TOTALLY reminds me of how I was when I know
nothing about marketing

I was the PT that shit himself when his best
client went on holiday

the one that relied on ‘special offers’

the one that was always HUSTLING

never saw my Mrs….

always stressed about what the competition
were doing


Loved what I did. But the money (and the
hours) SUCKED

You get it, right?

Surviving. Surviving. Month to month.

No idea when the next client would come 
and give me some money so I could pay 
my bills…

Then I got into this whole ‘Marketing and
selling’ thing

it gave me hope

and the rest

as they say, is history

and a metric truck load of bacon

Want me to show you how you can get more
leads, make more money and take more time

and get out of “Survival Mode”?

Join me and the 308 other ambitious PT’s heading for the citadel (spoiler):


Paul ‘Apocalypse’ Mort

PS-  Off to my sons footie practice in a bit….

got a CRACKING story to tell you about what a 4
year old taught me about making moneeez

I’ll try and remember to tell you it next week, homie 

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