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Sorry Girls (dudes only)

November 15, 2017

So I wouldn’t normally do this…

as I like to keep both businesses separate

but in the last few years, my life has completely transformed

so much so, it led me to launch a brand new business “Unstoppable”

and we’re currently 100 guys strong

see, since I put out THAT video..

its had over 1 MILLION views.. crazy huh?

Anyhoo… people were so keen to see how I was getting on since that day I almost jumped from a cliff

that things just kinda blew up for me, especially after I posted my results from the last couple of years

such as: BRAG ALERT——–>


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* BEATING Depression and Anixety

* Cut my ‘working’ week to 3.5 days a week whilst getting MORE ‘work’ done (1 of those days with ZERO internet connection)

* Dropped over 4 stone in weight and am now the lightest, fittest and healthiest I’ve been since 2009

* TRIPLED my Income whilst almost halving my working hours

* completed a 2 day SAS selection training

* Ran 6 sold Out “Uncaged” Events

* Built our very own HQ for afore mentioned Unstoppable Bastards

* Featured on the front cover of a magazine

* Hit almost 200 1-1 ‘dates’ with my wife, and both kids

* Had 2 boxing fights in front of over 800 people (and have another next month)

* Ran a 2 hour 15 minute Half Marathon with zero training

* Published over 200 daily Podcasts

* Ran 10k Mud Run with pneumonia (I didnt know at the time)

* Flew 4 times without medication or booze first time in 5 years

* Jumped out of a plane at 10000ft

* Done over 700 rounds of sparring

* Ran 5 sold out speaking events

* Learned how to cook 30+ new recipes

* Started Brazilian Jiu Jitsu

* Been DISCHARGED from the Bi-polar disorder community support list

So yer, its been kind of a whirlwind few years

(confession, MOST of the above has happened just this year)

want to discover how I did it?

Join me next month in Newcastle and I’ll show you EXACTLY how

Go here:

Paul ‘bragging; Mort

PS- I’m not going to email you too much about this…

in fact, i’ll probably only send one more email

so if you want in…

and you want to make 2018 your most powerful year ever?


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