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Social Media Following = £0?

July 13, 2017

I like social media

I use it for business AND for pleasure

But, I don’t build my business around it

And the amount of ‘followers’ that I have…

Has NO reflection on the amount of money that I make

(Most of my income comes from my email list)



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A LOT of personal trainers fall into the trap of believing that more followers equals MORE money

It doesn’t

There are a LOT of people out there on Facebook/Twitter/Instagram who have HUGE followings…

But make f*ck all

Luckily for you, mon ami…

This is something that I cover in my ‘Marketing Muscle Inner Circle’:

Once inside?

I’ll show you how to:

1.) Grow a highly profitable email list, just like mine

2.) Turn social media ‘followers’ into subscribers, so that they actually give you money

3.) Manage your time better, so that you can spend more of it with your REAL friends instead

If that sounds good?

Click on the link below:

And I’ll show you how to get started TODAY

Paul ‘Make A List’ Mort

PS – If you’d rather spend your time on social media, interacting with strangers…

Instead of spending quality time with your wife and kids?

You’re on the wrong email list, d*ckface

And you’d be a terrible fit for MMIC

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