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Snowflake bait (BRUTAL honesty)

May 27, 2014

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This will probably upset a fair few


It’s as real as it gets.

Fuck.. it’s upset myself a little bit.

It contains honesty of a BRUTAL nature that

will either upset you and make you hate me…

OR have you wanting to run through walls and

take on all comers with savage intensity.

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Let me tell you a little bit about my


It’s called Bipolar Disorder.

You basically get MASSIVE mood swings.

MEGA highs (where you feel unstoppable)

Followed by CRIPPLING lows (where you feel

like eating a box of aspirin)

It’s pretty harsh.

In fact, it’s led to me avoiding

‘excitement’, so to speak.

For fear of the ‘comedown’.

Having the feelings that come with that are


Tiz’ one of the reasons why Bodypower is the

only speaking event I’ve done this year.

Up to now I’ve turned down EIGHT speaking

gigs (two in vegas)

Partly because of trying to figure out 80\20

but mostly because I’m terrified of how I’ll

feel once the ‘high’ wears off.

I often avoid social events too.

Again not saying this for sympathy, but to

‘frame’ what I’m about to say.

(–Harsh does of Reality Coming Right Up–)

Spent the last 3 or 4 days in bed again with

this whole bipolar thing and a new dose of

harsh meds

(sodium valproate, if you’re interested)

Had a lot of time to think.

Uncle Morty’s given himself a good fucking

talking too.

See, despite all of this shit happening to me

I make A LOT of bacon.

I pick and choose when I work, I kinda do

what I want when I want to do it.

I live a life i never DREAMED i could when i

left school all those years ago with 2 GCSE’s

to my name.

and despite me making a lot of bacon and

helping tons of PT’s with MMIC and the

‘public’ with Lean Greens..

I’m not happy with myself.

I’ve gotten a little comfortable. My

productivity is shit.

I piss around a lot.

Feel like I’m letting my ‘condition’ DOMINATE

me and dictate my whole fucking life.

See, sometimes it’s okay to feel like shit,

feel sorry for yourself and hide away.

Give yourself permission to do that every now

and again.

But sometimes…

enough is enough, comrade.

Yesterday morning in bed (when everyone else

was out enjoying themselves)

I wrote the follwing in the ‘notes’ on my


It’s now on my office wall.

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v v v v v v v

“Sometimes, it’s not advice you need… a

shoulder to cry on, nor an ear to listen.

You don’t need anyones validation or permission.

Sometimes, you don’t need to read more, or

learn more.. more information is often the

last thing you need.

You don’t need another webinar, nor a course,

or seminar.

Sometimes hombre, in fact, MOST of the time, you just

need to take your comfortable nappy off, strap

a set on… and stop being a fucking pussy.

This isn’t about ‘hustling’ or working harder.

This is about getting out of your OWN way.

and getting uncomfortable as fuck.

Being RUTHLESS with your time and your energy.


NOT pissing around looking for validation, praise and the

odd ego boost.

But IMPACTING people.. and impacting the people who RELY ON YOU

to live an incredible life WITH THEM.”

and with that…

I’m outta here.

Paul ‘Who’s with me?’ Mort

PS-this is why Im SO harsh and honest with

the ambitious PT’s who join MMIC.

It’s why theres no Facebook group to piss around in\

and ask for validation.

It’s not for ‘gonna do-ers’. It’s for ACTUAL do-ers.

I don’t want information collectors…

doods that like having smoke blown up their

ass on Flakebook.

Or people who need their hands held.

It ISNT for people that would rather everyone tell them how great they

are than make REAL money.

Money that lets you do cool shit, with the people that you love.

It’s for action takers who ENJOY being


You can join us too, but be warned- it can

get VERY messy in there:

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