Slipping through the “hypocrite net”? - The Paul Mort Podcast

Slipping through the “hypocrite net”?

September 22, 2015

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Every so often.. your old Uncle Morty lets
his guard down

and a couple of hypocrites slip through my
legendary net

What do I mean?

PT’s that talk about ‘hard work’ and
‘investing in yourself’

and ‘results or excuses’

and “you only get out what you put in

etc etc but join my program and do JACK SHIT
then leave, wondering why they’re more broke
then when they started

So I thought I’d have spray of that classic
“hypocrite repellant”

See, there are some people I REALLY don’t
want subscribing.

And that is YOU if you…

* Want a magic wand you can wave that will
bring money via OSMOSIS (IE you want the
results, but dont want to do the work)

* Want super secret “ninja tricks”

* Are intending on only joining for one month
then jumping onto the next ‘thing’ (You
aren’t investment minded)

* Require hand holding (you can ask me
unlimited questions via our NEW FORUM, but
you still have to think, act and be decisive
on your own, yo?)

* Are just “kinda sorta” interested in
getting more leads, making more bacon and
having more time off

* Collect information and don’t EXECUTE for
whatever reason

* Think it’s “expensive” (it’s only £3.23 per
day — plus, it’s an investment, not an
expense, if you don’t know the difference go
ye elsewhere, squire)

* Tend to moan, whine and complain (i.e are
“high maintenance”)

* Think you already know it all and that this
gold is for ‘beginners’ (more on that

* Are expecting a tons and tons of ‘info’.
Each issue is 12-20 pages, with a tele-class
CD and sometimes I toss in a bad-ass bonus
with templates

But I don’t overfeed you, bloat you up, make
it hard to move — I give you enough to take
immediate action and make your ££ back (in
spades) each month


I’d rather save people some time and money

and save me a pain in the ass

So, if you fit the above, it’s best to pass.

For anyone else?

Bring your “A” game here:

Paul ‘Honesty’ Mort

PS- I aint trying to be an asshole, chico…

I’d just rather be up front and honest with

Bizniz aint for wimps are sloths

and neither is my inner circle…

God knows we’ve had enough people that have
joined and done jack shit

then left faster than Busta Ryhmes can spit a

Here if you want it:

Click Here »

or if you’re already cool with the hours you

and the money you make…

I’m cool if you unsubscribe and have things
stay the same…

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