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Sh*ts, Giggles and More PT Clients

November 9, 2017

“People buy more and buy more happily when in good humour”

Dan Kennedy ^^

Heard of Mr Kennedy?

Well, he’s the worlds most ripped off (and richest) direct response marketing expert

I LOVE this guys stuff

But that statement:

“People buy more and buy more happily when in good humour”

Is so true, it’s insane

Think about it- would you rather invest in a bore-a-gram or someone who can make you laugh?

Same with getting laid…

(not that I’d know much about that)

Thing is babycakes…

we have 2 prollems in the Fitness Industry

1- Most PT’s are TERRIFIED of just being themselves- usually for fear of criticism from other PT’s

2- They don’t think they’re funny

So here’s your magical Mort tip today

‘be yourself’ kinda sounds too wishy-washy

But if you want to be ‘funnier’? < that’s a thing

so that you can make more sales n’ get more bacon

particularly from webinars

(like i teach in this months MMIC newsletter)


Thats it, mon ami…


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Not only will you get ideas and have some comedy rub off on you

It makes you feel GREAT…

I’ve actually started doing it every morning

(I AM grouchy big bear when I wake up)

So catching the likes of Jimmy Carr and Jim Jeffries on Netflix

is almost like getting paid for watching TV

ESPECIALLY if you incorporate your new found ‘banter’ into an educational webinar

in fact, if making big bucks from webinars and filling your pockets full of new clients sounds of interest to ya…

I’ll walk you through step-by-step EXACTLY how I do it…

in this months newsletter:

Paul ‘sh*t craic’ Mort

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