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She’ll be with you next week

August 26, 2016

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So the August’s Marketing Muscle newsletter is now
with my printers and ready to ship…

and when you invest today, she’ll be with you next week

This month is all about SELLING

I mean, how to you expect to make more money if you can’t sell?

Here’s whats inside:

* Advanced [none sleezy] sales techniques that will allow you to EASILY close every single prospect that you talk to WITHOUT even having to try.

* A marketing lesson from my five year old son, that might just solve ALL of your retention problems.

* The ESSENTIAL questions that you need to ask your prospects if you really want to help them, and make them happy.

* What you need to show your prospects BEFORE they sign up with you, if you feel that they’re NOT ready to make a commitment.

* How to control the conversation in ALL of your sales calls, so that you can protect your personal CONFIDENCE at all times.

* Why you should always keep a handful of SALT nearby, especially during your sales calls.

* How to EASILY convince your prospects that you’re the man for the job, BEFORE you try to close the sale.

* A simple SEVEN step process that will get your paid AND laid in less than five minutes

and a whole lot more

You can get your mitts on here here:

Paul ‘blatant’ Mort

PS- Seriously, If you’ve been waiting and sitting on the fence..

Nows the time to step up..

OR have things stay the same

Your choice:

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