School run tantrums and Training Programs - The Paul Mort Podcast

School run tantrums and Training Programs

March 24, 2016

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So I’m heavily involved in the school run these days

Man, it’s like a military operation every morning

I got me a 5 year old boy, Max..

and a 2 year old girl, Nina

Max HATES having to get ready and go to school

and Nina (isn’t at scholl yet) is just a handful in general

NEVER stops talking, always has to be involved

No idea where she gets ^^ that ^^^ from

Anyhoo… yesterday was the last day at school before the easter holidays

Nina had just spilt a full glass of orange juice all over our brand new carpet

and Max was throwing a MEGA tantrum

“I dont EVER want to school again”

Man, I remember when this kinda thing would make me lose my shit and throw my
own version of a hissy fit

But any parent knows the value of ‘selling’ your kids on going to school

I’ve already tried the “you’ll get a good job” thing… to convince him to go to school.. he hasn’t bought into the whole ‘job’ thing

A- He’s 5

B- I’m not the best example of having a job

This mornings ‘ethical bribe’?

“You just have to go to school today and then you get two whole weeks off”

Safe to say, that got him ready fast… so fast he put his jumper on back to front

I’ve used them all “Be a good boy and get ready and I’ll take you for an ice cream after school”

[BTW I ain’t one of those parents that feeds my kids quinoa and broccoli ‘clean’ ice cream]

But it’s almost ‘SELLING 101’

Give me X and you’ll get Y in return <-- write that down Doesn’t matter wether you’re selling your latest package Asking for a referral Coaching a yo-yo dieter to stick to their nutrition plan Or just shutting up your kids from whining Selling is selling and it’s at the CORE of what I teach in my famous “Email Mastery” program Want another? “Give Me 6 Weeks and I’ll Turn Your Emails Into A Money Making Machine.. Even if you Suck at Writing”

Grab it here:

Paul ‘Hissy fit’ Mort

PS- I’m off to California tomorrow

and I’m taking my camera guy with me…

you’re in for a right treat

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