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August 26, 2017

If you run a business, and you’re planning on making sales?

You need to have a ‘sales funnel’ in place

Unfortunately, lots of personal trainers DON’T know what a sales funnel is

And if you’re the same?

Allow me to enlighten you, amigo:

A sales funnel, is simply a process that turns someone that has NEVER heard of you…

Into someone that wants to buy from you

It sounds simple enough

But, if it really was that simple?

More personal trainers would be using one

(And MOST aren’t)

Luckily for you, mon ami…

This is something that I cover in my ‘Marketing Muscle Inner Circle’:

Once inside?

I’ll show you how to:

1.) Create a simple sales funnel, that attracts NEW leads

2.) Use your sales funnel to turn these leads into PAYING clients

3.) Automate your sales funnel, and repeat the cycle as often as you want

If that sounds good?

Click on the link below:


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And I’ll show you how it’s done

Paul ‘Funnel Guy’ Mort

PS – If the idea of a ‘sales funnel’ offends you…

And you think creating endless posts on social media is a more ‘ethical’ way to go?

(When the posts themselves are indirectly trying to sell your services)

You’d be a terrible fit for MMIC

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