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would you SACK a PT client?

October 25, 2017

Few years back now…

I got ‘shot at’ by a few guys in the fitness industry

who, lets just say weren’t very happy that I advised people to ‘sack’ clients that they didn’t want to work with

These dudes even went so far as to get together and record a podcast about me

Well, not directly about me…

they didn’t have the b*lls to do that but anyone that heard it KNEW who it was aimed at

Anyhoo, I digress mon ami

I have no prollem with those guys, bless em

This subject has popped up quite a lot recently so though’d I’d cover it

Particularly after my man and MMIC member Adam Jones sent me the following testimonial:

“You made me realise that I needed to value myself more! I’ve sacked sooo many clients yet I’m earning more than ever! Just a big thanks man!”

So… hombre

SHOULD you sack clients?

Well, in my honest (and correct) opinion


Yes, you f*cking should

See, bro you CANNOT save everyone

In fact if you even try and save everyone

YOU end up ‘dying’

Okay, maybe not literally but you get what I mean, right?

Burnt out.


P*ssed off.


All from…


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That client that never listens to what you say, yet p*sses and moans they’re not losing any lard

That client that brings NOTHING but negativity to the group session and ends up dragging everyone else down

That one that NEVER pays on time

The one thats always late and blatantly disrespects you and your time

The one that talks sh*t about you and your other clients?

Seriously, buckaroo


F*CK the mush cookie ‘mentors’ who’d have you doing that

Doesn’t mean they’re ‘bad people’.. it just means they aren’t a fit for you..and thats okay.

My friend-

YOU are your most PRECIOUS commodity

your ENERGY and capacity is VITAL

PROTECT yourself, protect your energy

Protect your time

Because… and this is massive brah

your TIME is the ONLY thing you don’t get back

So if you’re going to be spending time AWAY FROM YOUR WIFE AND KIDS

Please, do yourself a favour and spend it with people who RESPECT your time and effort

Take it from me, breeezy


Cool, respectful, hard working, fun people for you to help

You just need to know how to find, influence and persuade them that you’re the man

Lemme teach ya:


Paul ‘CHOOSE’ Mort

PS- Working with people you quite simply cannot help (because they aren’t a good fit) is actually doing THEM and YOU a disservice

when they’d be a better fit for someone else

Its the reason I work hard to keep OUT lazy, needy AND one dimensional PT’s from MMIC

I’m not for everyone.. and neither are you


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