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I should have ripped this sick fckers head off

February 23, 2017

So this past week I’ve been building out new marketing campaigns

See, I’ve been working with PT’s and Fitness Professional’s for a LONG time

and now, fuelled by my own growth and results

my message and programs are ready to be exposed into the wider business field

but with it?

Comes a new level of ‘dick head’

and this week, I’ve had messages from some real SICK dude

Like really TWISTED shit

Stuff about my wife…


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about my kids

Even going so far as screen shotting pictures of my kids

Obviously though, doesn’t have the courage to use his real name or anything like that

Man, I should have found this fucker and ripped his head off

Alas, that’s probably exactly what he wants me to think and do

and you know what?

In the past I’d have got REALLY worked up about it

and sent threatening, angry emails back

Afterall, its my FAMILY.. and NO-ONE fucks with my family

Thinking back to me a year ago

This kind of thing would have RUINED ME

it would have destroyed my energy, my confidence and to be honest

would have had my STOP marketing my message for fear of more shit like this

But that would only FUEL weirdos like this guy

and would only crush MY dreams and desires…

But now?

well, my friend

I’ve TRAINED my mind to be able to DEAL with shit like this

Because at the end of the day..

its my MINDSET that creates my results…

it’s my MINDSET that deals with fear and doubt

it’s my MINDSET that takes care of my REACTIONS to chaos and other stresses

the good news for you?

you’ll discover the EXACT ‘training’ I do to create this BULLETPROOF mind

the bad news?

you only have until TOMORROW to get in on this exclusive offer

go here:


Paul ‘bulletproof’ Mort

PS- Yep, I’ve contacted the police about this

This is what they do, right?

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