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Riches In Niches

June 22, 2017

Chances are, if you study marketing in your spare time…

You’ve heard the phrase:

“Riches in niches”

It sounds pretty cool when Americans say it

But when people from the UK say it?

Not so much

(‘Niches’ sounds like an exotic holiday location)

Nonetheless, the phrase itself is true…

However you choose the pronounce it

If you want to make the big bucks, like your Uncle Morty?

(Which, let’s be honest, is the REAL reason you read these emails)

You NEED to specialise

Luckily for you, amigo…


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This is exactly what I teach in my ‘Marketing Muscle Inner Circle’:

Once inside?

I’ll show you how to:

1.) Discover the hidden ‘riches’ in targeting small groups of people

2.) Use the exact same marketing strategies that I use in BOTH of my businesses

3.) Create enough time and money in your life to go away on as many ‘exotic’ holidays as you want

If that sounds good?

Click the link below:

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Paul ‘Specialist’ Mort

PS – If you’ve got NO interest in specialising…

And you’re happy to be compared to all of the other ‘average/generic’ PT’s in your town?

You’d be a terrible fit for MMIC

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