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Revealed: Uncle Morty’s COUGAR secret crush…

January 16, 2016

I confess: I have a bit of a crush on Nigella

Yup, the celebrity chef..

She’s normally all over TV around Christmas

not sure if its because she’s posh or what
but I find her SUPER shexxxaaay…

Apart from the fact she has killer funbags<–
oops, that’s a bit unprofessional of me..

Anyhoo.. here’s the real reason I fancy her
(its not the coke habit either, btw)

It’s her command of the english language.

“What the fuck?”

I hear you say

Squire, watch one of her shows again

She can take the most boring thing or the
most boring, mundane subject

and make it orgasmic

I’m serious here, chico

She’s a MASTER or “Mistress” of SEDUCTION

and she does it through her words

See, when you’re selling ANYTHING

Be it PT, Bootcamps, nutrition plans or gym

The WORDS you USE..

in person on your adverts in your emails and
on your website

are powerful, powerful things.

OR pathetic, pathetic things…

If they’re boring and mundane

Like Most PT’s websites.

Listen, the ability to ‘Sex up’

a sentence, or a bullet point

or a headline, even a Facebook post

is an ability that should never be

it’s at the CORE of what I teach in MMIC

Essentially, MMIC can be summed up as

“How to write stuff, say stuff and GET PAID”

And handsomely, may I add.. when applied

join here:

Paul ‘don’t tell the wife’ Mort

PS- Here’s Nigella in action

I LOVE the way she talks about pomegranite seeds

watch out for her ‘exquisite jewels’

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