My RAW opinion “Fat-Shaming” [this might shock you] - The Paul Mort Podcast

My RAW opinion “Fat-Shaming” [this might shock you]

April 22, 2016

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Is it just me or is our society fucked?

People everywhere seem to be just WAITING to be offended

and we’re becoming a society of over-sensitive, entitled wimps with a ‘blame everyone but ourselves’ mentality

Anyhoo, one of my favourite students sent me a link to
an article about ANOTHER Advert that had people kick up a stink that it was ‘offensive’

The advert said (underneath a picture of an alien)

“They’re coming, and when they arrive they’ll take the FAT ones first”

Hence a bunch of people taking offense at it and getting their not-so-little-knickers
in a twist over it

So whats Uncle Mortys opinion on this?

Well, the advert is pretty shit- the ‘call to action’ is really weak
(Link in the PS)

As for the ‘fat shaming’ thing..

this is coming from a dude thats CONSTANTLY struggling with fat monster

Well, there’s skinny shaming, blonde shaming, muscle shaming, ginger shaming,
tattoo shaming.. to name but a few

What the fuck is wrong with people? When did we become such weak pussies?

See, you have two ways to respond to being ‘offended’

1- We can get butt-hurt then piss, moan and whine at everyone else and what they say and do…
throwing hissy fits and tantrums and demanding that someone else ‘do something about it’


2- We can act like ADULTS. Take some responsibility for our own reality and do something about it

The funny thing is, mon ami

The people that are MOST triggered and MOST offended by things

are ALWAYS the people that need the most help

See, whenever I talk about money and success

the ONLY PT’s that criticise me and my successful students?

Those that work the most hours
Spend the most time away from their family have the worst clients and make the least money

In other words- those that NEED my help the most

but rather than reach out for help and take responsibilty

They POINT THE FINGER of BLAME at someone elses door

Please, hotlip


Invest in yourself- invest in a new reality

Go here:

Paul ‘fat boy’ Mort

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oh and heres the link to the ad:

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