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Questioned by the ​Facebook Police…

May 25, 2015

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So I logs into ye olde flakebook account last
week (before I de-activated for a month)

To be met by some kind of “questionnaire”…

First time I’d seen this one, actually


The questionnaire was basically asking me to
select which status updates

looked the most like Adverts

Then it took me through maybe 15 or 20 ACTUAL
updates from people

Why am I sharing this?

Well, broheim….

This means ONE THING

and its BAD NEWS for most Personal Trainers


They’re weeding out the people that use that
platform to try and make money for FREE…

Think about it, when other people are paying
to market on there

Why should other people get to do it for

The time of making money for free on Facebook is almost

Facebook is a business, after all

Man, I’ve already heard of THOUSANDS of
people having their personal accounts CLOSED

no warning

no explanation


So listen if you’re one of those dudes that
has like “PT” at the end of your name

or ‘bootcamp’ as your middle name

or god forbid “Juice plus” as your name

Be prepared for the “Zuckerberg Slap”

It’s coming…

For the rest of us?

Its like a preparation for an apocalypse…

Just not as dramatic

Its time to figure out how to take people OFF
of facebook

and onto an email list

where you can have a conversation

build trust


and help

WITHOUT being at the mercy of the Flakebook

Just like the guys in my inner circle:

Paul ‘Fucker-berg’ Mort

PS- Will definitely tell you about my sons
Marketing Lesson tomorrow

Pinky promise

its a dooozy

bye for now, hotlips 

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