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Question Time

July 1, 2017

It’s ‘Q3’, mon ami

And whilst you might be impressed with my skills as a poet…

Don’t let that distract you from today’s date:

It’s July 1st

The first day of the third quarter of the year

(Q3 = Quarter 3)

How has 2017 treated you so far?

Is business booming?


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Do you have an abundance of free time?

Do you go home each day to a happy wife?

(Which to many, also means a happy life)


Is life a bit ‘sh*t’, right now?

Hopefully, it’s NOT the latter

But if it is?

I have some good news

It’s ALL your fault, mon ami

Yep, that’s right

YOUR fault

No-one else’s

Why is this ‘good’ news, you ask?

Well, it puts YOU firmly in control of your situation

If you got yourself into this mess?

(Which you most certainly did, amigo)

You also have the power to get yourself out of it

Which is what I suggest you make a start on TODAY

Because if you don’t?

You’ll just carry on doing the same thing

Which, unfortunately, will yield the exact same results

(And you’ll be in the exact same position at the END of 2017)

So what you waiting for, mon ami?

Put the phone down…

And get after it

Paul ‘Blame On You’ Mort

PS – If you ARE ready to take control of the situation AND your life…

So that you NEVER find yourself in this mess EVER again?

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And I’ll show you how it’s done

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