PT’s LOVE this, I think its stoopid (Rocky) - The Paul Mort Podcast

PT’s LOVE this, I think its stoopid (Rocky)

February 28, 2015

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“But it ain’t about how hard you hit. It’s
about how hard you can get hit and keep
moving forward; how much you can take and
keep moving forward”

Rocky Balboa…

Don’t get me wrong, chico…

Some of that whole ‘power speech’ that
“wocky” does is awesome

The bit about blaming other people etc, I
really Like

Butcha know, theres something about ‘keep’
getting hit

that, well.. I just don’t get…

I mean, If life keeps ‘punching you in the
face’ over-and-over again

You must be doing something wrong…

It’s like ‘go on, hit me again’

‘and again’

‘go, on do it you pussy’

Like a hob-nob in a cup o’ tea

I mean, why not just ‘side-step’ the punches

or maybe like, ‘put your guard up’

What I’m trying to say hear is


it doesn’t have to be a fucking struggle

Life (and bizniz) doesn’t have to be about
pain and suffering

and ‘hustle’

you dont have to work 14 hours a day like the
goorooz like to brag about

and then wear it like some retarded badge of

Bizniz and life can be a fucking blast

The fastest way to go from struggle to having
a BALL in business?


Learn from someone that’s been there, done it

and BURNT the retarded badge of honour

right now, the only way to work with that

(who likes to refer to himself in the 3rd
person… all those ‘punches’ got to him)

is here:


PS- Latest podcast episode will be with 
you tomorrow

its a CRACKER! (like me)

Stay tuned, wallbanger

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