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PT clients for gym based trainers

January 19, 2018

So here’s the deal, bro-chacho:

Marketing is marketing, selling is selling

That meaneth—>

the gold I drop is these here daily emails works for ANY fitness biz

Wether that be PT, small group coaching, bootcamps, online training…

even supplements

(remember I owned, then sold a company)

But one question I keep getting asked is

“How do I get more PT clients in a commercial/budget gym?”

thing is, although the principles of marketing and selling are the same

There are TWO things I’d do 100% when it comes to building my biz inside a gym

where competition can be FIERCE

obviously I’d make sure my results were better than other trainers

But the other two things I’d do to DOMINATE?

1- CHARGE MORE than the other trainers

Simply put, if I charge more…

people will automatically assume I’m the best

they’ll also be BETTER clients

(more skin in the game)

AND I’ll have to work less hours..

no more 16 hour days

2- I’d put on a SEMINAR/WORKSHOP in the gym

Consider this… 


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Most of the other trainers lack the balls

There are HUNDREDS of people there who are PRIMED for PT

(regardless of your limiting beliefs about what they’ll pay)

AND you’ll be considered THE ‘expert’, the go-to guy in your gym

simply for the fact you’d on the stage, sharing your knowledge and your results

Cool huh?

So listen…

If you want to learn more about growing your bidniz?

Go here:

And I’ll tell you EVERYTHING you need to know

Paul ‘Walking the floor’ Mort

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