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PT changes ‘leaving clients’ mind…

April 27, 2016

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“Had a long term member text me saying she has to leave due to not having enough time with current study and exams coming up.
Obviously I did my job and replied with intent to shift her mind set

Also wrote an email about it (which didn’t create sign ups because my groups full- now thinking of other stuff to sell)

Always, she’s on my email list too, and the next morning she responded with a thank you for helping her realise what’s important to her, and she’s spoken to her employment mentor who’s given her every Monday off work to study till exams are done so she can keep losing weight on my programme.
So safe to say, email is a powerful retention (and life saving) tool for biz owners and the people who need the help”


Email I got last week from Email Mastery investor Dean Mcmenamin

Pretty sweet eh?

2 points

1- his groups are full (another, and the MAJOR benefit of writing ‘Mort style’ emails)

2- His MEMBER RETENTION is through the roof

and email has played a GIANT par

So WHY is it that email works in this way?

Well, in my honest (and correct) opinion

it’s because of ATTENTION

See, in the ’email inbox’ of your prospect, clients and even ex-clients

there is ZERO competition

They’re all over on Flakebook competing for ‘eyes’

shouting at the top of their voices and being drowned out by EVERY OTHER PT, bootcamp and gym in the area

Sound familiar?

Yep… I get it, babycakes

Like trying to get a hot chicks attention in a club full of horny men with big mouths and ripped abs


You feel like no-ones listenting, no-one interested and the clients you do attract?



Email changes all of that

But only if you learn HOW

Read on:

Paul ‘horny man/big mouth/shit abs’ Mort


Into day 3 of my event now

Next ones in July…

Keep your eyes peeled

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