A powerful lesson in selling- from BRUCE LEE - The Paul Mort Podcast

A powerful lesson in selling- from BRUCE LEE

February 14, 2015

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“I fear not the man who has practiced 10,000
kicks once, but I fear the man who has
practiced one kick 10,000 times”
Pretty sweet quote…
But whats that gotta do with Makin bacon?
Sheesh, gimme a moment
K.. lemme splaineth, bubbah
one of the mistakes fitness bidniz owners
make is jumping from one “idea” to the next
hoping that something will go viral
It’s funny the same guys complain when “Joe
public” jumps from diet to diet
But here’s the thing..
NONE of it is consistent
None of it is PERSISTENT
None of it is even measurable
I get emails almost every day asking “How do
i get good at writing emails, like you?”
Well, first up
STUDY it..
You can’t expect to make more sales if you
don’t understand HOW to make more sales
You can’t expect to get more leads if you
don’t know HOW to get more leads…
It’s kinda obvious right?
But here’s where the quote comes in:
Last year I sent 264 emails…
and made a Quarter of a MILLION pounds PROFIT
in doing so
I practiced that technique 264 times 
(thats without the 200 I sent for Lean Greens)
But a lot of people expect to send like TEN
emails and be a ninja at it…
when they realise that its not that
easy (otherwise everyone would do it)
They give up…
and move onto the next thing
The next mentor
the next webinar
hoping thats the “Magic Pill”
Listen, Bruce Lee was right…
One technique 1000 times
1000 Techniques once?
Making bacon is SIMPLE
but it ISNT EASY
Thats why you gotta stay persistent, hombre
and commit to mastering the art of sales,
marketing and strategic seduction
If you STILL don’t understand that your
business WILL NOT GROW
until you do that, then babycakes….
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