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Potty Training For Personal Trainers

February 20, 2014

Just back from first session with my new shrink.

spent the WHOLE morning worrying about it.

See, its MEGA uncomfortable. He asks like the
most awful, personal questions.

One of those things that has to be done tho,

But its like Potty Training.

You might be shitting yourself..

but you know its better in the long run if
you take that step out of you comfort zone and take of your nappy.

Cuz thats where the growth is..

and the babywipes 😉

ya know, mate. I see PT’s sitting in theres
all the time.

They think about setting up ‘pay monthly’
programs but start to feel a little

So revert back to type.

Know you should put your prices up

but then back down at the first sign of ‘how

Aware they should put out emails and articles

Know that ‘tightening their niche’ makes
sense but are scared in case they ‘put anyone

Don’t even get me started on the whole ‘being
yourself’ thing.

::: This whole phenomenon is known as RESISTANCE :::

and we all feel it at some point.

Even Dirty Uncle Morty feels the old

But here’s 3 quick tips that I use to
overcome that mother fucker that PARALYZES a
lot of people into retreating back into that
little comfort bubble..

1- Don’t seek validation.

You don’t need ANYONES permission to do
anything with your biz’niz or your life,

So don’t seek it.

Do this:

2- Act in the face of resistance.

Take the very fact you feel this fear as a
sign its something you MUST do.

I ain’t really a quote guy but I dig this:

“brave is someone who is not without fear but
who moves ahead in spite of it”

Stop being a pussy.


This is one of the biggest lessons I ever

Back yourself into a corner, so failure is
not an option.

Buy something you’re not sure you can afford.

Bin your facebook account off so you HAVE to
learn other ways to market (thats what I DID)

STOP doing that class thats making shit money
or those clients that are only dong one
session a week.

See, dood…

Most trainers are fast enough to tell their
clients to ‘MAN UP’

But it’s actually the trainers that need to
man up…

When it comes to biz’niz anyhow..

Talking of manning up..

My buddy Leon said if I didn’t tell you about
his free workout giveaway he’d give me a
wedgie and steal my dinner money…

So here is is:


There’s a cupple weeks wortha sessions
in there for ya, bubbah.
Paul ‘Nappy Rash’ Mort

PS- Gonna finally send you this ‘130 tips to
be a bad ass’ article tomorrow.

Watch out fot it.. its MASSIVE and I think
you’ll dig it, brah

PPS- ANOTHER fucking quote that will resonate

“EVERYTHING you’ve ever wanted is just
outside of your comfort zone”

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