Poor Old Brad Pickett

March 22, 2017

So this weekend, the UFC held an event in London

And one of the fights on the main card, featured Brad Pickett VS Marlon Vera

Pickett, a 38 year old fighter from London…

(Pretty old for a ‘small’ MMA fighter)

Announced in the run-up, that this was going to be his ‘farewell’ fight

And afterwards, he was going to retire

Unfortunately, his dreams of a fairytale ending…

(An impressive win, in front of his home crowd)

Came to an end in round three, when his younger/faster opponent landed a headkick

And finished Pickett on the floor

Now, if you’re NOT an MMA fan?

You’re probably wondering what the point of this story is

And if so?


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Allow me to enlighten you, mon ami

Pickett was waiting for the ‘perfect moment’

(To retire)

And unfortunately, things didn’t work out the way he wanted

I see the same thing with personal trainers

Most are burnt out

Sick of the long days

The unsociable hours

And the ‘ungrateful’ clients that DON’T follow their advice

They have LOTS of ideas on how to do things differently…

But it’s NEVER the ‘right’ time


They delay

They put things off

And they forever wait for that ‘perfect’ moment

The problem?

That perfect moment NEVER comes

And before they know it?

They’re getting their ar*e handed to them by a younger, hungrier ‘competitor’

My advice to YOU?

Seize the f*cking day, mon ami:


If you’re NOT happy in your business, and you’re waiting for that perfect moment to do something about it?

Take action NOW:


If you wait too long?

You’ll only regret it

(Just like Brad Pickett)

Paul ‘Carpe Diem’ Mort

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