PMP#72 The Live Show and The Last Podcast – Part 1

December 11, 2015


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Offend by the truth? You’ll hate this.

OUR BESTEST STUDENT SIMON JOINS US. He 10x his business in the last two years.

Why are you here? What results are you expecting to get? And why won’t you take action??

FIND OUT the biggest website mistakes personal trainers make all. the. time.

UNSUPPORTIVE FRIENDS? They’re scared for you. BUT Do it anyway and it Do it for You.

Are you pricing your services too low?You’re setting yourself up for failure.

Biggest mistake not charging enough. Money is the vehicle of freedom. BEEP BEEP.

Key Takeaways:

[0:50] Paul does a mini demonstration on video.

[1:15] If you didn’t tune in live, then it’s your fault.

[2:25] This episode is not for everyone.

[4:15] Simon did $90,000 in 90 days last year.

[4:30] 200 trainers signed up, 75 of them showed up, and only 5 of them will take any *real* action.

[5:00] Why are you here today?

[7:35] How does meditation help Paul?

[10:45] How can you sell more to the clients you already have?

[10:55] How much are you leads worth?

[14:55] The biggest website mistakes? Talking about yourself and not capturing email addresses.

[17:45] Your avatar is the person that pays.

[20:00] How does Paul deal with the haters?

[23:00] How do you get more clients?

[26:00] Increase your prices if you want more freedom.

[29:55] Does an email list really work?

[32:35] Paul lists his favorite authors.

[33:45] Reading fiction helps Paul switch off.

[35:10] Thoughts on running two businesses at once?

[37:40] How does Paul manage his bi-polar condition and still run a successful business?

[39:55] Advice to new personal trainers?

Mentioned In This Episode:

Brilliance by Marcus Sakey

Bloodrush by Ben Galley

The Night Angel by Brent Weeks

Jack Reacher series by Lee Child


“You want a clear answer, you ask a clear question.”

“Why won’t you do it?”

“The only point in your website is to get an email address, not to make a sale.”

“Money is the vehicle of freedom.”

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