PMP#70 Case Study – Simon Gwilliam

November 7, 2015

* Sup ganggggstars?

* sad news kiddos, i’m saying goodbye to the podcast.

* Different kind of episode today. I want you to check out a case study.

** Simon’s mindset was all over the place before he started working with me.

* Find out more by listening to what Simon has to say and how he went from £500 a month to £5,000.

Key Takeaways:

[1:30] Paul is going to stop making the podcast.

[2:00] The Mindset X event is coming up this Dec 12.

[2:30] Check out Simon’s case study.

[3:00] Where was Simon before working with Paul?

[5:00] Why did he trust Paul?

[7:10] Simon’s relationship with his wife got better.

[9:45] Why is Paul different?

[11:35] What would Simon’s last words be to Paul?

[12:50] Still on the fence about Paul? Listen to what Simon has to say.

[13:45] There’s only 10 seats left on Mindset X.

Mentioned In This Episode:


“You can relate to Paul. There’s no shit with Paul.”

“The money was secondary. The process was making me better and stronger as a person.”

“Paul is honest. He’s not going to fill you with rubbish. He’s just going to tell you the truth.”

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