PMP#69 The Power of Stories

October 30, 2015

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WHY are stories important? Guess what…

Successful comedians don’t tell jokes, they tell stories..

Our greatest leaders tell stories..

Our imperfect story is what gets people hooked. Our most ridiculous and embarrassing story builds not

only empathy but trust too. They make you human.

Don’t share only the highlights

..the good moments.

Everyone knows they’re fake.

Share the messed up, awful, dirty, and embarrassing stories too.

Key Takeaways:

[1:15] Paul shares a little story about the snooze button.

[3:10] Remember Paul is hosting Mindset X on December 12th.

[3:40] Paul shares a second story for the audience.

[6:00] Russell Brand is the best comedian ever.

[6:45] What do comedians and leaders have in common? They tell fantastic stories.

[7:55] People don’t trust people who share only the highlight reel.

[8:10] Those ‘gurus’ are just as messed up as you.

[8:50] I make decisions based on emotion.

[9:15] Being laughed at is a powerful tool.

[9:30] Why are people afraid to share their story?

[10:10] Paul shares a story he heard about Russell Brand.

[11:05] Don’t forget to visit for more info on the event.

Mentioned In This Episode:


“The moral of story is this: Don’t hit snooze.”

“The greatest comedians in the world don’t tell jokes, they tell stories. They’re often poking fun at themselves.”

“The greatest leaders in the world are also the best story tellers.”

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