PMP#68 Mindset X

October 23, 2015

* Why haven’t you done JACK shit with your business?

* Are you pissed off at yourself? Broken promises??

* Tired of wasting your money on dumb coaching programs??

* Take responsibility. Do it.

* You. Me. One day event to work out all your shit.



Key Takeaways:

[1:45] Why are you still here?

[2:15] Paul will be hosting an event December 12.

[4:20] Paul has wasted money on his personal development too.

[5:10] What changed for Paul?

[8:35] Paul’s seminar, Mindset X, will not be recorded.

[9:30] What happened if you did the required work?

[11:15] Paul will show you his personal tips for success at his event in Newcastle.

[13:20] Not the best seminar you’ve been to? Paul will refund your money.


Mentioned In This Episode:



“All of the promises you made to yourself, broken, gone. You broke those promises to yourself.”

“What I realized is everything is down to me.”

“Procrastination is based on fear and that fear is bullshit.”

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