PMP#65 Is One-on-One Personal Training Dead

September 11, 2015

* The surprising TRUTH about ‘the death’ of 1-1 PT and bootcamps

* How to AVOID building a bizniz that you end up HATING (and tips for building one you LOVE)

* Lessons from from Precision Nutrition that you can profit from

* Why BODYPUMP and “Spinning” fuelled a MONSTER fitness business for me

* What I’d do if I was a FITNESS INSTRUCTOR to make serious bacon

* a powerful ‘Path’ to follow to grow a powerful business based on what you WANT to do (and why 1-1 is a CRITICAL part of that)

* Bootcamps vs Small Group vs 1-1 PT (14 mins)

* The REAL (non-marketing) truth about why my bootcamps AND career BLEW UP

* Why “MyFitnessPal” has made it VERY SIMPLE to make profits as an ‘offline’ and ‘offline’ Personal Trainer

* What to do if you have a full time job and want to become a PT

* Tips for selling “higher end” Personal Training over coffee

* Chris’s top Referral hacks to have your clients sending you all of their friends

* Why you should NOT listen to me OR ANYONE else (this might shock you)

and a WHOLE bunch more that will fill you brain with excitement and awesomeness

and may cause you to ejaculate


Key Takeaways:

[1:20] Paul talks about his August 2015 newsletter and why you should care.

[3:25] What has Chris Burgess been up to?

[6:10] Despite creating two successful businesses, Paul hated them.

[6:30] Work on your strengths and focus on the people you truly want.

[7:45] Results come first or do sales come first?

[9:40] Paul shares on why he stopped one-on-one training.

[10:50] Is one-on-one training dead?

[13:00] Get the experience in one-on-one training first before training groups.

[14:55] The reason why Paul became such a great trainer was because of his one-on-one experience.

[17:30] Personalized training is incredibly easy now.

[20:15] Community is powerful.

[21:30] Fire the clients who drain you.

[22:40] Chris talks on his referral process.

[24:20] Are boot camps died?

[29:10] What the heck is semi-private training?
[32:45] You need more clients or more money, then get better at marketing.

[33:10] Q&A : How do I create more time for myself?

[35:35] How do I influence people to buy my program?


Mentioned In This Episode:

Chris (at)



“One to one personal training is only scalable to a point.”

“There’s no excuse for not offering individual nutrition plans.”

“Community is a ridiculously powerful thing.”


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