PMP#64 #teamnosleep can eat a d*ck [in fact, a bag]

August 21, 2015

* Why #teamnosleep are grade A Morons and why you shouldn’t pay any attention to them at all

* How to AVOID burn out and shitty moods through some simple tracking

* How to keep on top of you, your energy and your mood (so that you don’t murder everyone in your vicinity)

* A little ‘tampon tip’ to deal with Angry Trolls on flakebook

* Ego, Bullshit and how to spot it so that you don’t follow them and end up fucked up

* How Steve Krebs won “Douchebag of the year” 2013..

* The #1 sign you’re a one dimensional dickwad, Like I was

* Why you won’t listen to my words of caution until its TOO LATE

* Some simple, easy tips on how to STOP the ‘hustle’ and actually create a bizniz that
brings in leads on autopilot

* Hustle vs Marketing and why they AREN’T the same thing, regardless of what they mush
cookies say

* The ONE question that left me speechless (maybe it will with you too)

* Why I STOPPED posting on Flakebook again and what happened to my income, productivity and happiness

* What to do when you’re FUCKED to get out of ‘the hole’ (these might surprise you)

* The FASTEST way to get angry as fuck at people you don’t like (and why its stoopid)

* My personal “Massage HACK” to double your productivity

* How I took Steve’s fiances virginity (kinda)

* How should you MEASURE your success without being an asshole?

and a SHIT TON

of other SUPER useful content that will help you out a ton

and of course, piss you off too


Key Takeaways:

[5:00] If I’m hustling now, when does it stop?

[7:20] The difference between hustling and relaxing is automation.

[11:15] We don’t measure our successes enough.

[11:55] If you’re burnt out, take the time off!

[17:30] Your body doesn’t lie to you.

[18:05] It’s hard to measure client conversion on Facebook or other social media platforms.

[20:20] It’s okay not to be on team no-sleep.

[21:11] Every 30 minutes, right down what you’re doing.

[23:10] What causes burn out in the fitness industry?

[24:50] Outsource the work you hate.

[28:40] Both Steve and Paul highly recommend meditating.

[34:35] Make the effort to take some ‘me’ time.

[36:10] What’s Steve’s and Paul’s sleep routine?

[39:50] You can find Steve at


Mentioned In This Episode:

The Big Leap by Gay Hendricks.




“You can make as much money as you like, but if you have no time for your children or your wife, you’re a douche bag.”

“The great thing about the body is it’s one of the only things that doesn’t lie to you.”

“To be efficient, you have to measure it.”

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