PMP#62 How to increase your SALES by up to 80%

July 17, 2015

* How to increase your profits ENORMOUSLY with this 1 simple, strategy

* The powerful FIX that could increase your sales but up to 80% <– wowsers, right?

* How 90% of PT’s and Nutritionists are LEAVING MONEY on the table- for their competition to scoop up

* The best AND fastest way to be the ‘go to’ guy for your product or service

* Why “never give up” is a crock of crap- let me prove it to you at 4:05

* How BRILLIANT PT’s are BROKE (and how to repair that)

* Why SHITTY trainers are kicking your ass and will continue to do so, unless you do this #1 thing I reccomend

* Are ‘results’ and before and afters enough to get you loads of clients? My opinion

* The TRUTH about ‘ethics’ in the fitness industry

* How I know… that you DON’T know wether your marketing works (and how that means you’re chasing your tail)

* Why I don’t like this new trend “Free Facebook groups” for getting clients and NEVER will…

* Marketing and sales lessons from Paul Check?!-> yes, REALLY

* The CRITICAL numbers you need to track if you want to make a shit ton more sales

* How to punch yourself in the face…(minute 12)

* The DANGERS of pigeon holing yourself with “bootcamp dickheads”

* How only 20% of the marketing you do actually WORKS- and how to find out what it is..

* Where 80% of your stress and headaches are coming from. Or, more accurately WHO 80% of your shit is coming from.

and a bunch of other offensive (but useful) tips that will help you stand out like a “moist” fart in a pair of white linen trousers…

oh and a straight up “BUY MY SHIT” message

Paul ‘Marketing in the car’ Mort

PS- Only 4 days till i launch my most powerful training yet

Shit’s about to get real

But its only for the big hitters

the ballsy bastards who want BIG ASS RESULTS

Keep checkin your emails..

its coming. Wednesday morning, to be precise


Key Takeaways:

[1:05] Paul is back and recording in his car.

[1:50] Following up will increase your sales.

[2:50] 48% of people never follow up with their prospects.

[4:00] Never give up is total bullshit!

[5:55] Results aren’t enough anymore.

[8:25] If you’re not assessing, you’re guessing.

[10:40] Don’t compare everyday to your best day.

[13:10] 80% of your new business comes from 20% of your efforts.

[13:44] Email is definitely 80/20 for Mort.

[14:20] 80% of complainers will come from 20% of your clients.


Mentioned In This Episode:

The 80/20 Rule in Business by Perry Marshall



“80% of sales are done after the 5th or 6th contact.”

“If you’re not assessing, you’re guessing.”

“You got to get into people’s heads and meet them where they’re at.”

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