PMP#61 Mort’s Thoughts 11-28

July 11, 2015

* Listen carefully to my “roolz for success” or ‘Mort’s Code’.

* Family first always. Spending more time with clients than with your kids? Your priories are all fuckeddddd upppp.

* Are you happy with your 14 hour work days? THEN TURN OFF THIS PODCAST NOW AND STOP LISENING.

* If I procrastinate, I’m ROBBING TIME away from my children (seriously).

* Choose who you do business with, it’s important for you sanity. It pays to be picky!

* You are sabotaging yourself by being needy all the time. Discounts, demanding attention, putting clients on a pedestal. DESPERATE!!!!!!

* Confidence is SEXY AS FUCK.

* How to position yourself for the Real clients that want You no matter the price.

* Sell people results not sessions. Sell me the result!

* More information doesn’t inspire people to take action. You. Have. To. Entertain. Them.

* You are opening the door to MISERY and DEPRESSION by comparing yourself to others. People exaggerate on social media.

* The reality is not everyday is beast mode day. Motivational posters do nothing! Tell me the TRUTH. Share the bad days. Share the hero’s journey. Share the negative shit.

* Why have a website if you don’t drive traffic to it? Why?

* PAY to get LEADS. A lead is a phone number and an email address. They’re not just followers!!

* The lurkers are your BEST CUSTOMERS.

Key Takeaways:

[1:45] We’re covering some more of Mort’s thoughts in this episode.

[2:05] Family first always.

[3:20] Having children is incredible for productivity and lowers your tolerance to bullshit.

[5:10] Be in control with who you do business with.

[7:55] Neediness looks desperate.

[9:40] Confidence is almost irresistible.

[11:00] There are many things that are more important to people than just price.

[13:05] People will join you for the results, but stay for the experience.

[14:15] People want entertainment, not more information.

[16:05] People buy more often and spend more money when in good humor – Dan Kennedy.

[17:18] Comparing yourself to others is the fastest way to misery.

[18:19] Being overweight is not the problem. The problem is everything that comes as a result of over weight.

[19:45] The fitness industry is way too happy. Show the negative side.

[21:15] Talk in their language. Normal people don’t live the way you do.

[21:45] Have the courage to be yourself.

[22:45] Don’t be afraid to get criticized. Stop wearing that mask.

[24:00] Paid advertising destroys organic searches.

[25:25] The fortune is in the follow up.

Mentioned In This Episode:


“If you spend more time with your clients than you do with your kids, something is wrong here.”

“Choose who you do business with, it’s important for you sanity.”

“Show me what happens when someone criticizes you. Why does that matter? Because you can meet me where I’m at.”

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