PMP#60 Shit Scared? Me too

July 3, 2015

You’ll LOVE this if FEAR and self doubt are holding you back…

Here’s whats inside an action episode #60:

* Why the TIME you put in to growing you bizniz means NOTHING when it comes to making that bacon

* My #1 tip to kill procrastination (19 mins)

* More effort= more results? NOPE. Find out why at 2mins 30

* How to DESTROY your doubts that are based on your PAST

* What you can learn from FAILING (actual example)

* Lies, Lies, Lies and why they’ll ALWAYS catch up with you

* Why “Fearless” is total horseshit.. despite what the mush cookies say

* How to use fear to DRIVE you to get what you want

* Could POSITIVE THINKING be STOPPING you from getting what you want in your life

* Simple, actionable steps to deal with anxiety, stress and doubt

* Why I’ve been AVOIDING speaking and coaching

* What seperates the “haves” and “have nots”in bizniz and life

* Walking vs “beast mode”- the truth

* How to deal with Paranoia and physical anxiety without becoming a hippy

* Standing out like a BEACON in a world full of bullshit, with one easy ‘hack’

* Why people are so triggered by honesty

* Why Mark Cuban is full of shit (in spite of being a rich bastard)

* The #1 FASTEST, not-so-ninja way for seeing your fears for what they really are

* What it means when you CAN’T act on what you want and are consumed by doubt

* Are you surrounded by liars? and are the fucking with your success

* Why I DONT OWN A GYM.. (I’ve been criticised for it)

* How to tell wether you’re ADDICTED to your current reality

* “King of the shit heads” <– me, and how it messed with my shit

* Lessons from Mike Tyson?

* How to overcome fear, by asking ONE, 3 WORD question

* 1 thing you need to know about people that criticise you (hint: they’re terrified)

* How to USE your insecurities to attract more clients (and profits)

* Why and HOW to CONFRONT your fears and doubts for biiig success

and a ton more stuff that will mess with your mind

and maybe even give you a boner

Uncle Morty

PS- Don’t forget to hit me up with any questions

and I’ll try and cover them in future podcasts


Key Takeaways:

[1:45] When given the same tools, why do some people fail and others succeed?

[3:25] Some people should work for someone else.

[4:10] Everybody fears. The ‘have no fear’ mantra is bullshit.

[5:30] How can you beat fear?

[8:50] Self-destructive behavior comes down to self worth. We create our own chaos.

[10:40] People may say something, but in reality they really don’t want it.

[13:25] We have to separate ourselves from the people who tell us lies to make us feel better.

[16:50] Fear shows up in different ways; anxiety, procrastination, criticism, etc.

[19:15] Question your positive thoughts.

[20:45] Embrace the unknown.

[23:00] Fear is based on not knowing or predicting the future. Get rid of fear by finding out the future.

[27:15] How do you react when you fear?

[32:30] Inaction has never solved anything.

[36:50] How do you overcome fear that has been created from the past negative results?

[42:30] Why should you actively seek out and face fear?

[47:20] If we don’t act in spite of fear, we’re not really living.

[49:30] Fear is based off of insecurity. Accept your insecurity.

[52:10] Own your fear or it’ll own you.


Mentioned In This Episode:



“Some people should work for other people and they would excel in that position and enjoy their lives more.”

“We’ve been brainwashed into not being able to talk about our shortcomings or our weakness.” 

“Often your positive thoughts are stopping you from action.”

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