PMP#59 Mort’s Thoughts 1-11

June 27, 2015


* 11 of my “roolz for success” that may surprise you

* How to be a one dimensional douchebag dad, like most of the fitness industry– and of course how to AVOID it

* My uncurcumsized message to a ‘critic’ of the podcast

* How to use Facebook in your bizniz for MAXIMUM effect

* How generating leads is the same as getting laid (really)

* Why you should move people AWAY from social media if you want to make more sales

* Why ‘personal anectdoes’ mean JACK SHIT when it comes to the maketh of bacon

* What I learned from a 4 year study on internet based sales

* How you’ll NEVER be considered an expert unless you do this 1 crucical thing that all industry leaders do to stand out from the ‘wannabes’

* The #1 thing you should be paranoid about when it comes your marketing

* How to know if you’re boring people (and what to do about it)

* The controversial thing that your prospects REALLY need if you want to influence them

* Why most fitness people are ‘cheerleaders’ and how its killing their bank balance

* More killer tips on how to deal with criticism and shit talkers

* Why people do stupid shit and how you should react so that you don’t end up suffering

* What it means if people AREN’T talking shit about you and why they SHOULD BE.

* My favourite lesson form the worlds leading marketing authority (about pissing people off)

* How to put an abrupt end to all of your suffering, stress and pain

* My personal “what to do” plan for when people criticise you or make snarky comments

* The #1 fastest way to stand out from the vanilla PT’s that are competing for your clients

* “The majority are wrong”- Why the fitness industry is FAILING and how YOU WILL too, unless you do this thing (13 mins)

* What your income REALLY says about how good you are

* Attitude is EVERYTHING when it comes to making money in business (and the critical error people make that REPELS money)

* The “are you allergic” to MONEY test…. do you pass it?

* How to make yourself look a dick and why it’s ruining your chances of success

* Does money make you happy? My RAW opinion on money and happiness

and a whole bunch more of opinionated, brash content that will either fire you up or twist your tampon

Key Takeaways:

[1:35] If you’d like to receive Paul’s daily newsletters, sign up on

[2:30] Today Paul will be going though ‘Paul’s Thoughts’ 1 through 11.

[3:55] Facebook is full of noise. Get people off of Facebook and on an email list.

[6:08] Paul spends 20 minutes a day writing an email.

[7:00] You’ll never be considered an expert in your field if you don’t put out content.

[8:55] Most people are liars and don’t tell the truth. Want to stand out? Tell the truth.

[10:05] You can only control what you do. Don’t take things personally.

[10:55] If you’re doing great work, you’ll be criticized.

[13:11] Your income is directly correlated with how many people you help and how good you’re at helping them.

[15:20] If you’re constantly attacking people, how about this, take care of your own shit first.

[16:50] Family first always. Life around your business, not business around your life.

Mentioned In This Episode:

Loving What Is by Byron Katie


“Opinions mean nothing. All that matters is results.”

“You’ll never be considered an expert in your field if you don’t put out content.”

“People don’t need more inspiration or ‘fitspiration’. What they need is someone to stand up and tell the truth.”

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