PMP#58 How to get “Unstuck”

June 5, 2015

* Why people DONT get what they want and how it has NOTHING to do with hustle, hard work, knowledge or any of that other bullshit

* The VERY surprising truth I learned about myself at “WARRIOR WEEK”

* Why you get ‘lost’ and how to get back on track FAST and start profiting

* My own PERSONAL WAY to build your “self worth” and confidence in bizniz and LIFE..

* ‘Nightmare’ clients.. and how I make sure they stay away from me and go to the mush cookies instead

* Why you still have to “convince” people to listen to your podcast (and how to do it)

* How you can “have it all” yet still feel EMPTY AS FUCK on the inside

* How to PROFIT from comparison.. and on the flip-side how it can DESTROY your confidence

* More on “Fitness Liars” and how to spot bullshit

* Why “putting the hours in” is a bit of a myth and what it REALLY takes to get what you want

* What happened when I bought a gram of coke a few weeks ago…

* Goal Setting- and why it NEVER works for most people..

* How to know when you’re bullshitting yourself (and what to do about it)

* My #1 tip to get CLARITY on what you REALLY, want… deep down

* What LYING is costing you.. both in terms of MONEY, health and happiness

* Why you’ll NEVER achieve your goals without this 1 CRITICAL assessment

* The fastest way to attract chumps, cheapskates and energy vampires

* How being ‘professional’ caused me to have a meltdown

* 15 MINS: Ever achieved something but were still left feeliing empty inside? Heres why

* “Sneaker Rich” and how to spot it in your own life

* THE #1 most BRUTAL question I’ve EVER had to answer (but also changed my life)

* A simple ‘hack’ How to INCREASE YOUR SALES on webinars, SALES CALLS and podcasts

* Is ‘closing’ people bullshit that will just twist your testicles?

* How to save stress, energy, time and money with my “3 Question rule”

* How to get “unstuck” and get your head out of your ass

* Why the people around you WONT TELL YOU THE TRUTH and what that’s costing you

* What to do when you doubt yourself and your ability to deliver

* How to GET YOUR LIFE BACK when you become ‘successful’

* What it means when you “think about business” all of the time.. and why its OKAY

* My top tips for measuring success AND leveraging it so you don’t have to WORK MORE

and a bunch more

Oh and you’ll also hear me TAKE A PISS.. LIVE 



Paul “piss pot” Mort

PS- Apologies for the sound on this one…

I fucked up somewhere on the recording side of it

But its a DOPE podcast, all the same

Key Takeaways:
[2:30] Paul invites Steven Crebs to the show.
[15:45] Why do people not get what they want?
[20:50] What are you most scared of that people will find out about you?
[30:10] When somebody is asking more than three questions about a product or service, then it’s not a fit for them.
[35:35] Paul takes a piss on the podcast. Listen in LIVE.
[46:00] The reason why we’re stuck is because nobody asks you the right questions to help you get unstuck.
[49:50] We embrace the truth when it’s too late, when we’ve already hit the wall.
[54:40] When it comes to self-worth, don’t believe what other people say. It’s them mirroring their insecurities off on to you.
[66:40] When you start a business, giving up your social life is required.


“This happens to a lot of people. They’re in a race and it’s not even against themselves.”

“The problem is, is that the people you compare yourself to are liars!”

“You don’t want people to see inside what the truth is. In reality, that’s the single thing that will break us free.”

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