PMP#57 The Struggle

May 29, 2015

 I wasn’t going to send this (Angry)

I went in deeeep this week…

Struggled all week with my whole bipolar ting

Tired. Angry.. Down…

Negative shit

So I recorded a podcast STILL, rammed with tips that will help you

Stand out from the crowd–> lower your stress–> help you get POWER

and lots of other cool shit

oh, you may need a helmet

Here’s whats inside:

* How I’d go about raising the money I’d need to open a gym (without borrowing)

* The only two numbers you should REALLY give a shit about in bizniz (one of them will surprise you)

* Why I don’t give a shit about going “viral” but how to do it, if you really have to

* What to do if you’re NEW to the fitness industry

* A concept for ‘standing out’ that no-one talks about (it lowers your stress too)

* Why I wouldn’t have investors in my bizniz.. like, EVER

* The biggest lie I tell ALL OF THE TIME.. and what its costing me

* More reasons why Weight Watchers, Slimming World and Juice Plus are KICKING YOUR ASS (and some tips to overcome it)

* How to open your own facility FAST and with very little capital

* Why I had a HUGE meltdown that changed my life

* What happened to me when I tried to be professional’

* Why I talk about cocaine, booze and all that other ‘taboo’ stuff

* Surprising reasons why struggles and meltdowns are GOOD, in fact GREAT for growth and progress

* Why it’s OKAY to get pissed off with your clients, despite what the goorooz say

* What to do when you’re NOT motivated and NOT inspired (my personal blueprint)

* “Turning people off” by CHOICE for fun and profits

* What I learned from ‘Snooper’ accounts on twitter

* “Sponsored Athlete” What does it mean? Do you even get paid?

* Why *most Personal Trainers are TERRIFYING the people they could help

* The #1 way to release your STRESS (and how you can make money from it)

and a whole bunch more cool shit:


Uncle Morty

PS- I wasn’t actually going to send this one..

I sound like an angry asshole all the way through… 

But hey, thats where I was at

and I don’t want to hide that shit from ya

Key Takeaways
01.00 – What to do when you feel like giving up and like you can’t be bothered.
02.14 – Tell the truth and stand out from the crowd.
05.36 – Does your family come first? Or do your clients?
06.45 – Understand your personal demons; it’s okay that everything isn’t perfect all the time.
09.57 – The personal training industry is failing in a big way because it’s just not approachable.
14.14 – Question: How to raise money for your projects.
18.00 – Question: When is the best time to join MMIC?
19.45 – The time of free Facebook marketing is coming to an end.
21.46 – The struggle is real, and it is okay to not be okay.
22.38 – No-one can ever get anything on you if you just stick to the truth.

‘The only number that matters has a pound sign in front of it.’
‘Not telling lies all the time is SO liberating!’
‘There’s no outrunning karma.’
‘On the other side of pain is power.’
‘Your business will live or die on sales.’


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