PMP#53 They’re all wrong

April 24, 2015


* Lessons in ‘fuck you’ from the worlds highest paid radio show host

* How to deal with feedback without looking needy

* The HARSH truth about people who offer ‘constructive feedback’

* What being ‘offended’ really means (and how to NEVER be offended)

* Turning haters comments into MONEY.. FAST (I do this all fo the time)

* Why ‘ignore it’ is TOTAL bullshit how to deal with people talking shit about you IN THE REAL WORLD

* Family and friends.. and what their comments and remarks REALLY mean (this is hard to take)

* How I attracted a bunch of assholes and wimps into my bizniz.. and how you can AVOID doing so

* Why ‘debating’ on Flakebook is a TOTAL waste of your time and is costing you money (just ask the broke PT’s who do it)

* My “Keep your gift” strategy for DESTROYING anyone that talks shit about you

* Why I WOULD criticise ME.. if I was broke and boring (you’ve never heard this one before)

* (9 mins 30 secs) Why people comment, criticize and give you feedback.. especially when you haven’t asked them to

* Why you should FEEL SORRY for people that attack you

* The ‘could they be right?’ blueprint that turned a nasty, stinging email into SALES

* Human ‘pysch’ secrets that you must understand that will HALF your stress and frustration (IE: How to NEVER get pissed off)

* Why its IMPOSSIBLE to ignore criticism REGARDLESS of what the Mush-Cookies say

* Why people BRAG.. and why it pisses you off

* The bizzarre way I responded to a guy who told me to kill myself

* Why you SHOULDN’T listen to your clients..  regardless of how much they pay you

* Arguing on social media… REALLY?!?!

on a bunch of other shit that no-one ever talks about


Key Takeaways

01.04 – Paul plays an audio clip where a host is damn clear on what he thinks about feedback.
04.08 – Why do fear and other people hold us back?
07.36 – Getting over negative feedback is tough, but think about why they’re saying it.
11.40 – The first form of defence is attack.
15.02 – There’s always more to learn about yourself, and you might not like it.
17.30 – Getting specific: dealing with feedback from random people.
21.14 – But what about criticism from your family and friends?
24.20 – Trust is so important, but you’ve got to earn it.
25.24 – Don’t be dictated to by the people that pay you the money, your clients.
29.47 – Paul Mort: Why I don’t argue with other trainers.
31.33 – Facebook groups make you lazy and only provide the easy answers.
36.03 – Help the people that want help – don’t waste your time on the ones who don’t.


Be yourself; wearing a mask is exhausting.
“Your job in life is to make yourself feel as good as possible”
“Why would you take time out of your day to be an asshole?”
Everyone wants to see you being successful, until you’re more successful than them
“Your business, your rules. You’re doing your clients a favour.”

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